Agroforestry Program

Agroforestry is a relatively unexplored agricultural area that North Carolina farmers can use to help offset cuts in government subsidized programs, such as tobacco.

Cooperative Extension at A&T engages underserved and limited-resource audiences to revitalize their small farms and woodlands. Agroforestry offers a strategy for protecting farming as a way of life in North Carolina.

Demonstration sites such as those located at the A&T University Farm are used to exhibit agroforestry practices and for training underserved and limited-resource small farmers and woodland owners in major agroforestry practices, such as alley cropping, forest farming, riparian buffers, silvopasture and windbreaks. 

Goals of the Agroforestry Program:

  • Identify small farmers and woodland owners interested in adopting agroforestry practices on their farms and woodlands;
  • Provide small farmers and woodland owners with information and resources to implement best agroforestry practices on their small farms and woodlands.
  • Strengthen partnerships with local, state and federal agencies to provide small farmers and woodlot owners, access to funding and technical assistance for conservational practices.


Joshua O. Idassi, Ph.D., Natural Resources specialist
Cooperative Extension at A&T
North Carolina A&T State University
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Greensboro NC 27420
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