Speedway To Healthy

speedway to healthy

What is the Speedway to Healthy?

The Speedway to Healthy is a 1,200-square-foot, walk-through exhibit representing the human body. This creative educational exhibit teaches children in kindergarten through fifth (K-5) grades how the foods they eat affect their bodies and their health.


Why was the Speedway to Healthy project developed?

Childhood obesity is a widespread issue in the state and the nation. The Speedway to Healthy project was created as a resource to fight childhood obesity and poor health among children in North Carolina.

Unhealthy food choices, low physical activity and other factors have resulted in alarming health facts such as:

  • One in every three children in the state between 10-17 being obese or overweight.
  • North Carolina having the 23rd highest rate of childhood obesity
  • Childhood obesity as a contributing factor to our children possibly becoming the first generation to live shorter and less healthy lives than their parents.(“Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity,” 2013)1

     1Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity in North Carolina QuickFacts. (2013) Retrieved March 12, 2014.

Who created the Speedway to Healthy

Speedway to Healthy is a project of 4-H Youth Development of Cooperative Extension at A&T, a division of the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at N.C. A&T State University.

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