Experience and Design

The exhibit consists of the following 11 pit stops:

    1. Starting line
    2. Brain
    3. Mouth
    4. Stomach
    5. Small intestine
    6. Heart
    7. Lungs
    8. Kidneys
    9. Bones
    10. Muscles
    11. Skin


Children race through the exhibit in groups of eight to 10. In each pit stop a volunteer educator engages children in a five-minute activity that focuses on healthy lifestyle choices and understanding the impact those behaviors have on the body. The exhibit experience begins at the starting-line pit stop where children are given a food identification sticker and taught the MyPlate model. After the starting-line session, the children (acting as pieces of food) proceed to the brain, the next pit stop on the Speedway to Healthy. There they learn how the brain functions and what they can do to keep it healthy.

When the children leave the brain, they enter the mouth to learn proper brushing and flossing. They are then swallowed through the esophagus and land in the stomach. From the stomach they land in the small intestine where they enact being squeezed in small pieces as the nutrients they possess escape into the blood stream to be delivered throughout the body. Next, the children travel the path of the nutrients to the remaining pit stops: heart, lungs, kidney, bones, muscles and skin. Children exit the exhibit from the skin pit stop, via a cut in the skin.