Communications Planner

Are you trying to create a program or conduct research and you want to let people know? Wondering how to publicize your work or communicate the public value of our Cooperative Extension outreach?

Let Ag Communications assist you. Our team of communications experts will work with you to produce the best tool in the proper medium to reach your intended audience.

f you are in the planning phase and want to get advice or input, please complete the questions noted in Section I and submit.

If you are ready to initiate your project—please complete Section I and II at this time in order to facilitate the planning process and submit.

One of our project coordinators will contact you to discuss your vision and design a communications plan to accomplish your objectives.

Project requests should be approved by your unit manager prior to submission. Please note the approving manager and corresponding budgeting source.

Once your plan has been submitted, the completion date will be based on the scope of work (job type, size of project, funding and/or approval process, content development requirements; ag communications workload, etc. for planning purposes estimated lead times are noted below*.

Section 1

Is this project recurring?
How would you describe your project? Check all that apply.
Written Content
Section 2
Question 5: What is your message? Describe up to three key messages that you want your audience to know after receiving your communication material:
Question 5a:
Question 5b:
Question 5c:

Question 6: What is the response you want from your audience: A request for more information? Attend an event? Register for a course? Awareness of public value? Accountability for public dollars spent?

Question 7: Who is the major competitor for your program? Describe what they are doing to get the attention of your audience?

Question 8: How are we differentiating our program from competitive or peer group offerings?

Question 9: Who is/are the subject matter expert(s) providing information for your requested communication material?

Question 10: If the matter you desire to communicate requires technical expertise or research based information or education, what stage are you in developing it? Are you still in the research stage? First draft written? An outline? Or is it still an idea/concept at this stage? Do you have a timeline for developing your content?

Question 11: When will information or a first draft of written content be provided to Agricultural Communications for editing?

Question 12: Who else needs to vet/approve your communications material prior to publication?

Question 13: How are you planning to distribute your communications materials? Do you have a mailing list?

Question 14: If you desire printed material, how many pieces?

Question 15: Describe how you will measure or track the effectiveness of your communication tool?

Question 16: What impacts, outcome, and/ or public value do you expect from your project or program?

Question 17: If this is a grant, do you have any obligations to publicize the event/program/activity/research?


Question 17a: What are you obligations to deliver and what are the deadlines for your deliverable?

Question 18: Describe how the communications material you are requesting supports the university’s/school’s/department’s strategic priorities, goals and objectives?

Estimated Lead Times - Please allow a minimum of 6 weeks for each project (click for additional information)

Thanks for your thoughtful answers to these questions. From this base of information, we can work with you to devise a marketing communications piece that will accomplish your goals elegantly and cost-effectively using whatever tools are available to us.

Please schedule a time to meet with your project coordinator in Ag. Communications and Marketing Services to discuss your responses.