Research Facilities

Research facilities by academic department | Research facilities by location 


Research facilities by academic department:

Department of Agribusiness, Applied Economics and Agriscience Education, Dr. Anthony Yeboah, chair
Applied Survey Research Laboratory 
International Trade Center 

Department of Animal Sciences, Dr. Ralph Noble, chair
Bioinformatics Learning Facility 
Laboratory for Studies in Genomic Diversity 
Poultry Research Laboratory 
Veterinary Microbiology Research Laboratory in Animal Sciences 

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Dr. Valerie L., Giddings, chair
Child Development Laboratory
Fashion Design Laboratory
Food and Nutrition Laboratory 
Food Chemistry/Biochemistry and Product Development Laboratory 
Food Microbiology and Toxicology Laboratory
Food Research Laboratory 
Food Safety Microbiology Research Laboratory 
Textiles Laboratory 
Vegetable Processing Laboratory
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Design, Dr. Louis E. N. Jackai, chair 
Bioprocessing and Fermentation Laboratory 
Bioremediation and Nitrogen Transformation Laboratory
Mushroom Biotechnology Laboratory 
Plant Biotechnology Teaching and Research Laboratory
Plant Tissue Culture Biotechnology Laboratory
Soil Physical Properties Laboratory
Soil Chemistry and Fertility Laboratories 

General labs, serving entire College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences 
University Farm 
Analytical Services Laboratory
Smart Classrooms - Benbow Hall
Smart Classrooms - Carver Hall
Smart Classrooms - Webb Hall

Research facilities by location:

Benbow Hall 
C.H. Moore Agricultural Research Station 
Carver Hall 
Sockwell Hall 
Reid Greenhouse 
Child Development Laboratory
Webb Hall