CAES Social Media Guidelines

  • Social Media Definition

    • Social media includes web- and mobile-based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organizations, communities, and individuals.

    Social Media Platforms

    • Technologies and tools used by CAES include Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Movable Type (and its RSS Feeds), and YouTube

    CAES Social Media Goals

    • Recruitment of new students and retention of current students
    • Distribute easily accessible, syndicated and uploadable content through multiple channels.
    • Provide additional means for engagement and feedback with current students, potential students, alumni and stakeholders.

    CAES Content Guidelines

    • Content posted through N.C. A&T College of Agriculture and Environmental Design authorized Social Media sites should be made with the understanding it is posted representing North Carolina A&T State University and the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences its departments.
    • Personal social media accounts should be for an individual’s personal use only and not identify the user as an official representative of N.C. A&T State University or CAES
    • Authorized University / CAES accounts

    Best Practices

    • Avoid posting internal/confidential university information, policies and operations in addition to the personal information of University students, employees and alumni.
    • The use of University logos and graphics, should be in compliance with N.C. A&T University Relations

    Recommended NCAT & CAES Hashtags

    • #ncatcaes #ncat #ncatanisci #ncatfcs #ncatagbusiness #ncatageducation #ncatnred #ncatfashion #ncatextension