Poster Guidelines and Printing

Ag. Communications strongly encourages using Microsoft PowerPoint to create posters and saving them in PDF format for the large-format printer in C.H. Moore. For best results, start with the 36″x48″ template, which can be downloaded from this page. Once you have created your poster, send it to us via our online Poster Submission System. Please submit your poster for printing at least three days before it is needed.  

Poster requirements

  • Your poster should be approved by your department chair, Ag. Research administration or your unit head.
  • Your poster should be in the correct template, which is available on this page.
  • None of the background elements in the template should be obscured.
  • Images should be of reasonable quality and not pixilated.
  • The poster should be submitted via our online Poster Submission System.
  • Your content should be properly edited and proofread. All development, editing, and proofreading is the responsibility of the authors.

If you are submitting your poster to an event that requires a different size or you need other assistance, please contact Mr. Kevin Lupo (

Posters can be picked up in C.H. Moore Agricultural Research Station.