CAES Poster Printing Guidelines

To print posters on the CAES large format printer...

Ag. Communications strongly encourages the use of Microsoft PowerPoint to create posters for the large format printer at  C.H. Moore. For best results, start with one of the 36″X48″ templates in the “TEMPLATES” folder on Poster Share. (Directions for getting to the templates are posted below and are the same as for depositing posters to be printed.)

The Ag. Comm. staff needs a minimum of three business days’ notice to produce a poster. Posters that do not make use of the required templates must be pre-approved by a department chair, Ag. Research administration or a unit head. All poster-printing requests should be initiated or approved by a member of the CAES faculty or staff. (Content development, editing and proofreading are the responsibility of authors.)

To get a poster into the Poster Share queue for the large format printer (from a computer with a Windows Operating System (OS)):

1. Left click “Start”

2.  Select “Run” (If “Run is not a menu option, press and hold the Windows Key + R)

3. Type ” \\argyle\poster$ ” inside the command box that appears.

4. Upload your poster to the folder titled “To be printed”

5. Once the poster is uploaded, notify Ag Communications that it’s ready for the printer by emailing

When the poster is ready for pickup, the designation “printed” will be added to the name of your work inside the “To be printed” folder. Posters may be picked up in the bin near B-17 at C.H. Moore.