College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

B.S. Agricultural and Environmental Systems, Concentration in Sustainable Land Management

Land and soils are valuable and limited natural resources that require proper management to ensure the vitality of sustainable ecosystems that can effectively meet the world’s increasing demands for food, feed, fiber, energy and biodiversity.

Sustainable land management professionals have an understanding of land characteristics, climate change, water dynamics, biodiversity, and critical ecosystem services that include flood control, water filtration by soil and water availability to plants, soil nutrient retention, carbon sequestration, and others. While majoring in Sustainable Land Management, you will learn how ecosystems function locally and globally as well as how land resources can be managed sustainably and effectively from both environmental and economic perspectives.

With a major in Sustainable Land Management, you will join a community of multi-talented professionals who find careers in government, teaching, research, industry, and consulting.

Jobs are plentiful in this field and our graduates are always heavily recruited by various agencies and industry. They find rewarding professional careers in: soil science, soil and water conservation, wildlife and park management, corporate and academic research, environmental protection and more. Cooperative Extension maintains a high demand for professionals who are educated in natural resources and land management. These professionals advise and put into practice land management technologies that will best meet the needs of people in the present while safeguarding our resources for the future.

Please see the curriculum, and contact us to arrange a tour of our facilities, or to find out how a degree in Agricultural and Environmental Systems, with a concentration in Sustainable Land Management, will fit with your career goals.

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