AggieAlert! FAQ

Q: What is AggieAlert!?

A: AggieAlert! is the University text notification system for emergencies, life-threatening situations and inclement weather.

Q: How do you stop receiving AggieAlert text messages?

A: You can opt out of SMS messages at any time by sending a text message containing the words STOP or QUIT to 67283 (MRAVE) or 226787 (CAMPUS).

Q: How can I check to see if I can receive AggieAlert text messages?

A: Text HELP to 67283 or 226787.  If you receive a response, then your carrier allows you to receive AggieAlert text messages from the RAVE system.  If you don't receive a response, then your carrier has blocked AggieAlert text messages from the RAVE system.

Q: What does this service cost?

A: If you do not have an unlimited text plan, you may be charged a nominal text messaging fee by your mobile service carrier. Please consult the details of your mobile phone plan.

Q: How can family, friends and community sign up for AggieAlert!

A:  Parent(s) can register by clicking the "Register" button at the top right on the University RAVE login page

Q: What are the different ways to receive emergency notifications?

A:  Information will be disseminated via:

• Text messages and emails (registered students, faculty and staff with AggieAlert!)
• University e-mail to EHRA/SHRA employees and students
• WNAA 90.1 FM Radio
• Social media (Facebook and Twitter)
• A&T website @
WNAA's website
• Aggie InfoLine (336.334.7325)
• Campus two-way radios
• Aggie Net (plasma screens)

Q: How do I report a campus emergency?

A:  Call University Police at 336.334.7675