Why Study at A&T?

Education begins with opportunity, and we offer our students every chance to excel: with collaborative partnerships, varied methods of instruction, high expectations of achievement, and a great breadth of interdisciplinary studies.

We’ve created new academic disciplines at the intersection of old ones, linking these new programs to contemporary issues and practical problem solving for sectors as varied as agricultural research, entrepreneurship and e-business, environmental technology, human-machine studies, and more. At NC A&T you can find a major in nanoscience, nursing, economics, engineering, or one of our other colleges and departments.

NC A&T has a first-rate library (with online access); special programs and an array of academic resources for students (including career services and a writing center); a vibrant campus with clubs, a greek system, sports and fitness opportunities, and access to Greensboro; as well as an international program.

We believe our emerging global society demands an evolution in how we approach our common challenges.  This is why NC A&T students are taught to appreciate the influences of diverse thoughts, values, processes, resources, and structures as they try to organize and plan a lifetime of learning experiences.

Why study at NC A&T? Because we have the resources and environment to help you develop a successful career, contribute to your community, and be a positive force in the world.  Here’s why you should apply.

The university offers 117 undergraduate degree programs, more than 58 master’s degree programs, and Ph.D. programs in mechanical, electrical and industrial engineering; energy and environmental systems; and leadership studies.