University Policies

Withdrawing from the University:

A student who wishes or is asked to leave the university at any time during the semester or summer after he/she has validated their bill (paid monies), is required to execute and file official withdrawal forms. These forms may be obtained from the office of the Director of Counseling Services, located in Murphy Hall, Room 102. Failure to execute these forms incurs the penalty of receiving an “F” for each course which the student is enrolled for the session. The completed withdrawal forms must be submitted to the office of the Registrar to be valid.

Summer Refund Policy:

A student who officially withdraws from the University during the Summer will be eligible for refund of tuition and the required fees. 

Refund of room and board fee will be prorated from the date of official withdrawal. Students will receive a refund of all tuition and fees if the class is cancelled by the University and no suitable replacement is available. Absence from class does not constitute withdrawal. Any student desiring to withdraw from the University should initiate this process at the Office of the Director of Counseling Services, Room 108 Murphy Hall.

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