Registration Information

Current, Newly Admitted Students (Freshmen) and Transfer Students

Current Students:

Current students enrolled during spring semester do not need to apply for Summer. Current students may register through Aggie Access Online

Why attend Summer School:

  • No Surcharge applied to summer courses
  • Jump start your degree
  • Pace your fall/spring course load
  • Hurdle over deficiencies
  • Early graduation

Newly Admitted Students (Freshmen) and Transfer Students:

Once admitted to N.C. A&T for the fall, Newly Admitted students (Freshmen) and Transfer students are eligible to attend summer session(s).  Students may register for classes through Aggie Access Online.

Summer is more than a vacation, it is a good time to: Make The Right Academic Move! 

  • Earn up to 7 credit hours
  • Relieve stress on your first-year academic load
  • Enjoy smaller summer classes
  • Learn to navigate the campus
  • Make new friends