Majors & Minors

North Carolina A&T offers 117 undergraduate degree programs and 29 choices in minors. Click on any of the program links below to learn more about the exciting academic opportunities available at our university.  

Undergraduate Degrees

BA, English (African-American Literature)
BA, English (Creative Writing)
BA, English (English Secondary Education)
BA, English (Technical Writing)
BA, History (History Secondary Education)
BA, Liberal Studies (African-American Studies)
BA, Liberal Studies (Cultural Change Social Development)
BA, Liberal Studies (Interdisciplinary)
BA, Liberal Studies (International Studies)
BA, Liberal Studies (Pre-Law)
BA, Liberal Studies (Race, Class & Culture)
BA, Liberal Studies (Women's Studies)
BA, Music (General)
BA, Music (Music Education)
BA, Music (Performance)
BA, Political Science 
BA, Psychology 
BA, Sociology 
BA, Speech (Speech Communications)
BA, Speech (Speech Pathology & Audiology)
BA, Visual Arts, Design (Art Education)
BA, Visual Arts, Design (Media Design)
BFA, Professional Theatre
BS, Accounting 
BS, Agricultural & Environmental Systems (Agribusiness & Food Industry Management)
BS, Agricultural & Environmental Systems (Environmental Studies)
BS, Agricultural & Environmental Systems (Sustainable Land Management)
BS, Agricultural & Environmental Systems (Urban & Community Horticulture)
BS, Agricultural Education (Professional Service)
BS, Agricultural Education (Secondary Education)
BS, Animal Science (Animal Industry)
BS, Applied Engineering Technology (Industrial Technology)
BS, Architectural Engineering 
BS, Atmospheric Sciences & Meteorology 
BS, Bioengineering 
BS, Biological Engineering 
BS, Biology (Biology Secondary Education)
BS, Business Education (Information Technology)
BS, Business Education (Teacher Education)
BS, Chemical Engineering 
BS, Chemistry (Chemistry Secondary Education)
BS, Child Development & Family Studies (Child Development & Family Relations)
BS, Civil Engineering 
BS, Computer Engineering 
BS, Computer Science 
BS, Construction Management 
BS, Criminal Justice 
BS, Economics(Business)
BS, Economics(Law)
BS, Electrical Engineering 
BS, Electronics Technology (Information Technology)
BS, Elementary Education (Early Education and Family Studies - B-K Teacher Licensure)
BS, Environmental Health & Safety 
BS, Family & Consumer Sciences (Consumer Sciences)
BS, Family & Consumer Sciences (Fashion Merchandising & Design)
BS, Finance 
BS, Food & Nutritional Sciences (Dietetics Pre-Med Nutrition)
BS, Food & Nutritional Sciences (Food Science)
BS, Geomatics 
BS, Graphic Communication Systems 
BS, Industrial & Systems Engineering 
BS, Information Technology 
BS, Journalism & Mass Communications (Mass Media Production)
BS, Journalism & Mass Communications (Multimedia Journalism)
BS, Journalism & Mass Communications (Public Relations)
BS, Laboratory Animal Science 
BS, Landscape Architecture 
BS, Management (Entrepreneurship)
BS, Management (International Management)
BS, Management (Management Information Systems)
BS, Marketing (Sales)
BS, Mathematics (Applied Mathematics)
BS, Mathematics (Math Secondary Education)
BS, Mathematics (Statistics)
BS, Mechanical Engineering 
BS, Motorsports Technology 
BS, Physics (Engineering Physics)
BS, Physics (Interdiscipline Physics)
BS, Physics (Physics Secondary Education)
BS, Sport Science & Fitness Management 
BS, Supply Chain Management 
BSN, Nursing (Nursing, Accelerated BSN Program)
BSN, Nursing (Nursing, RN-BSN Completion)
BSN, Nursing (RIBN Program)
BSN, Nursing (Traditional Program)
BSW, Social Work 


African American & African History
Applied Mathematics
Child Development & Family Studies
Construction Management
Criminal Justice
Family Financial Planning
Marketing (General)
Marketing (Sales)
Mass Media Production
Mathematics Education
Multimedia Journalism
Political Science
Professional Theatre
Public Relations
Speech/Communication Studies


Graduate Degrees

Degree Program


MA, English & African American Literature 
MAED (Elementary Education) 
MAED (Reading Education) 
MAT Teaching (Biology Education)
MAT Teaching (Business Education)
MAT, Teaching (Chemistry Education)
MAT, Teaching (Child Development: Early Education & Family Studies)
MAT, Teaching (Elementary Education)
MAT, Teaching (English Education)
MAT, Teaching (Family & Consumer Sciences Ed)
MAT, Teaching (History Education)
MAT, Teaching (Mathematics Education)
MAT, Teaching (Physical Education)
MAT, Teaching (Special Education)
MAT, Teaching (Technology Education)
MBA, Masters of Business Administration (Accounting)
MBA, Masters of Business Administration (Human Resources)
MBA, Masters of Business Administration (Supply Chain Systems)
MS, Adult Education
MS, Agricultural & Environmental Systems (Agribusiness & Food Industry Management)
MS, Agricultural & Environmental Systems (Integrated Animal Health Systems)
MS, Agricultural & Environmental Systems (Natural Res. & Environ. Sys)
MS, Agricultural Education (Professional Licensure
MS, Agricultural Education (Professional Service)
MS, Applied Mathematics
MS, Bioengineering
MS, Biology (PSM, Industrial Biosciences)
MS, Chemical Engineering 
MS, Chemistry (PSM, Applied Chemistry & Chemical Science)
MS, Civil Engineering
MS, Computational Science & Engineering
MS, Computer Science 
MS, Electrical Engineering 
MS, Food & Nutritional Sciences 
MS, Industrial & Systems Engineering 
MS, Information Technology 
MS, Instructional Technology 
MS, Mechanical Engineering 
MS, Mental Health Counseling (Clinical)
MS, Mental Health Counseling (Rehabilitation Counseling)
MS, Nanoengineering 
MS, School Counseling 
MS, Technology Management (PSM, Construction Science & Management)
MSA, School Administration 
MSW, Social Work