Special Events

The director of special events and programs in the Office of University Relations is responsible for the planning, coordination and execution of university-wide signature events hosted by the Office of the Chancellor.

In addition, the director serves as a resource to the entire university, providing expertise and guidance in the planning and implementation of events hosted by individual schools, colleges and departments.

For events that will be attended by the chancellor, the director of special events and programs should be consulted to ensure the overall quality and that the event adheres to the university’s brand standards.

The Office of University Relations in the Office of the Chancellor is responsible for upholding the integrity of the university’s brand and messaging across various media platforms, publications and events. For additional information about the university’s brand, messaging and events, please contact the Office of University Relations at 336-256-0863.

For A&T employees and students, visit Aggie Hub for planning guidance and tips from the Office of Special Events.