University Publications Approval Process

In an effort to protect the university’s written messages and visual brand, all print and electronic publications (internal and external) that will be viewed by prospective students and the general public must be approved by the Office of University Relations.

Print and electronic publications include but are not limited to the following:

  • brochures/pamphlets
  • fliers
  • invitations
  • books/booklets/guides
  • posters
  • periodicals (e.g., magazines, newsletters)
  • postcards
  • programs

The University Style Guide sets the standard for publications and other printed materials. The style guide is updated periodically.

A timeline for submitting documents to University Relations for approval is provided below.

Time Frame Plan of Action
12 weeks out Finalize plans for the production and release of items such as posters, fliers, programs, banners, brochures/pamphlets, invitations, paraphernalia, etc.
11 weeks out Share design concepts with University Relations. Discuss options
9 weeks out Present first proof for printed materials to University Relations
8 weeks out University Relations provides feedback on first proof. Gives required changes to/share suggestions with your graphic designer
7 weeks out Present second proof to University Relations. University Relations provides final feedback
6 weeks out Make final changes (if necessary) Send files to printer
5 weeks out Invitations should be mailed
4 weeks out Send files to vendor for paraphernalia-type items
3 weeks out Last chance to get files to printer to ensure on-time delivery of large print jobs
2 weeks out Send files for large print jobs to printer
1 week out Items delivered

All print and electronic publications using the N.C. A&T State University symbols/marks must be routed through the Office of University Relations prior to being printed or reproduced.

Marketing consultants, marketing research firms, advertising agencies and design firms may not be hired without the prior approval of the Office of University Relations.

To learn more about the licensure requirements, visit

For additional information about the Office of University Relations policies, contact:

Sandra Brown
Publications Director
Publications, newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, logo/university symbols/marks

Tiffany Jones
Director of Media Relations
Advertisements, news releases, op-ed, interviews