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Higher education perspective and news from North Carolina A&T State University and Chancellor Harold L. Martin Sr.

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Ep. 24 – Advisement for Student Success

Guests: Dr. Regina Williams Davis, director of the Center for Academic Excellence and the assistant provost for student success and academic support; Dr. Dawn Nail, associate director of the Center for Academic Excellence

Regina and Dawn discuss the importance of academic advisement in the formula of student success. The pair also talk about the upcoming North Carolina Academic Advising Conference in May.

Ep. 23 – Project M.A.R.C.H. + Aggie Prep = Aggie M.E.N.

Guests: W. Grant Hill, academic coach, lecturer and co-coordinator for Project M.A.R.C.H.; Dean Anthony Graham, dean of the College of Education and co-coordinator for Aggie Prep; Hunter Watson, senior, marketing and supply chain management student

Grant, Anthony and Hunter discuss the male mentoring and retention initiatives at North Carolina A&T, their impact on the students who participate and share plans for a merger and expansion in the 2018-19 academic year.

Ep. 22 – S.I.S.T.E.R.S.

Guests: Renisha Howard, academic advisor, lecturer and co-coordinator for the S.I.S.T.E.R.S. program; Da’Mya Campbell, junior, computer science student; Toni C. Nelson, junior, sociology student

Renisha, Da’Mya and Toni discuss the female mentoring and retention program at North Carolina A&T, its impact on students and its commitment to excellence through education, community engagement and finer womanhood.

Ep. 21 – Verizon Innovative Learning Program

Guests: Marquita D. McCulley, program director and Benton Felton, program participant

Marquita and Benton discuss the benefits of the Verizon-funded program for middle school-aged minority boys housed on the campus of North Carolina A&T.


Ep. 20 – Mental Health Awareness, Pt. 4

Guests: Dr. Dominiquie Clemmons-James, certified rehabilitation counselor in the Office of Counseling Services, N.C. A&T, Brittany Chang, psychology student, member of Collegiate Recovery Community street team

Clemmons-James and Change discuss the university’s Collegiate Recovery Community on campus and working with students to successfully pursue academic, personal and professional goals to enrich their quality of life.

Ep. 19 – Mental Health Awareness, Pt. 3

Parisi and Houston talk about reducing the stigma of mental health so that more people take advantage of the care available to them.

Ep. 18 – Mental Health Awareness, Pt. 2

Barnette and Creft discuss options for mental health care at N.C. A&T

Ep. 17 – Mental Health Awareness, Pt. 1 

Guests: Harry L. Suggs, Family Services of the Piedmont, and Todd Posey, Monarch

Suggs and Posey discuss mental health access and care in the Piedmont Triad region.

Ep. 16 – Good Neighbors, pt. 4

Guest: Interim Dean Shirley Hymon-Parker, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, talks to Chancellor Martin about how the college is holding up its end of the bargain of being a good neighbor in East Greensboro.

Ep. 15 – Good Neighbors, pt. 3

Guest: Dr. Rosalind Dale, associate dean and Extension Administrator for Cooperative Extension at N.C. A&T, talks to Chancellor Martin about various initiatives operated by Cooperative Extension.

Ep. 14 – Good Neighbors, pt. 2

Guest: Geoff Foster, founder, president and CEO of Core Technology Molding Corporation talks to Chancellor Martin about the importance of locating his growing business in East Greensboro.

Ep. 13 – Good Neighbors, pt. 1

Guest: John Merrill, executive director of Gateway University Research Park talks to Chancellor Martin about the success of GURP.

Ep. 12 – Arts at A&T, pt. 4

Guests: Donna Bradby and Mondre Moffett

Donna Bradby and Mondre Moffett talk to Chancellor Martin about the benefits of a robust arts program at an institution that focuses on STEM education.

Ep. 11 – Arts at A&T, pt. 3

Guests: Jennifer Wilson, Ishmael Muhammad and Solomon Reynolds

Visual and performing arts students Jennifer Wilson, Ishmael Muhammad and Solomon Reynolds talk to Chancellor Martin about their respective crafts and how A&T is preparing them for the futures.

Ep. 10 – Arts at A&T, pt. 2

Guests: Roy Carter and Donna Bradby

Roy Carter, director of the visual art program and Donna Bradby, adjunct professor and director of marketing and publicity for the theatre arts program talk to the chancellor about jobs behind the scenes of a production and art that hides in plain sight.

Ep. 9 – Arts at A&T, pt. 1

Guest: Gregory Horton

Gregory Horton, interim chair of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts joins Chancellor Martin to talk about “The Other ‘A’ at A&T”.

Ep. 8 – Brandon Long – Future Microsoft employee

Guest: Brandon Long

Senior, computer science student, Brandon Long converses with the chancellor about his experience as a student at N.C. A&T and his experiences with the White House All-Stars program, Apple and others.

 Ep. 7 – STEM Early College

Guests: Jamisa Williams, Roshni Panwala

Description: Chancellor Martin speaks to STEM Early College principal, Jamisa Williams, and graduating senior, Roshni Panwala, about the unique design of the curriculum at one of the Guilford County Schools-operated high schools on N.C. A&T’s campus. 

Ep. 6 – Women in STEM, Pt. 2

Guests: Simone Douglas, Dominqueca Edwards

Chancellor Martin speaks to engineering students Simone Douglas and Dominqueca Edwards about their experiences on campus and in the work place as interns.

Ep. 5 – Women in STEM Pt. 1

Guest: Dr. Stephanie Luster Teasley

Dr. Stephanie Luster Teasley joins Chancellor Harold L. Martin Sr. for a conversation about women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines.

Ep. 4 – Faculty and Staff of the Future

Guest: Dr. Ericka Smith

Motivated and qualified faculty and staff are vital to student success. Discuss how A&T is on a mission to train, recruit and retain faculty and staff of the future.

Ep. 3 – Student Success Initiatives

Guest: Dr. Regina Williams Davis

Give an update on how the initiatives put into place last year benefitted the students. Discuss a few lessons learned and new things being implemented this academic year.

Ep. 2 – Cheatham White Scholarship

Guest: Erin Hill Hart

October is when a lot of juniors and seniors make the push to start or continue applying for colleges. This presents an opportunity to talk about the addition of Cheatham White and give information on the kind of students we will attract with this scholarship

Ep. 1 – Enrollment: Increasing Standards, Growing A&T

Guests: Erin Hill Hart, Jacque Powers

Erin will talk about what the current standards are, what we are looking to move to and how this is beneficial for the students and for the university. This is also an opportunity to talk about the incoming class, i.e. size, academic prowess. Jacque will speak to the work it takes to get such a large number of students acclimated to campus life.


Archives: 03/2017 – Sustaining our Future Through Today’s Generosity

Guest: Kenneth E. Sigmon Jr.,

Kenneth E. Sigmon Jr., Vice Chancellor for University Advancement. Engaging friends of our university through fundraising.

Archives: 02/2017 – A&T Online and Aggies at the Goal Line degree completion programs

Guest: Sanjiv Sarin

Dr. Sanjiv Sarin, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Research, Dean of the College of Graduate Studies.

Archives: 12/2016 – Our Brand, Our Legacy

Guest: Nicole Pride

Nicole Pride, N.C. A&T Chief of Staff discusses Our Brand, Our Legacy, #AggiesDo

Archives: 11/2016 – Student Success

Guests: Regina Williams Davis, Jordan Alexander Greene

Dr. Regina Williams Davis, Assistant Provost for Student Success and Academic Support and Jordan Alexander Greene, 2016-2017 SGA President.

Archives: 10/2016 – How the Student Health Center Enhances the “Aggie”

Guest: Dr. David Wagner

Dr. David Wagner Director, N. C. A&T Student Health Center