Chancellor's Executive Cabinet

The Senior Leadership, or Chancellor’s Executive Cabinet, of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University serves as the chancellor’s executive team and advises the chancellor on major issues such as operations, policy, regulations, programs and organizational structure.

The Cabinet is composed of the chancellor, provost and executive vice chancellor for academic affairs, vice chancellor for business and finance, vice chancellor for human resources, vice chancellor for research and economic development, vice chancellor for student affairs, vice chancellor for university advancement, vice chancellor for information technology services, general counsel for legal affairs, chief of staff and athletics director.

harold-martin.jpgHarold L. Martin Sr., Ph.D.
Dowdy Building, Suite 418
Phone (336) 334-7940
Fax (336) 334-7082

beryl-mcewen.jpgBeryl McEwen, Ph.D.
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Dowdy Building, 3rd Floor
Phone (336) 334-7965
Fax (336) 334-7136

Erin Hill Hart Erin Hill Hart, M.S.
Interim Chief of Staff
Dowdy Building, 4th Floor Suite 418
Phone (336) 334-7940
Fax (336) 334-7082

Earl HiltonEarl M. Hilton, J.D.
Director of Athletics
Moore Gymnasium
Phone (336) 334-7686Earl M. Hilton
Director of Athletics
Moore Gymnasium
Phone (336) 334-7686

Tom JacksonTom Jackson, MBA, M.S.
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Services/Chief Information Officer
Dowdy Building, 3rd Floor
Phone (336) 256-0543
Fax (336)256-1236

Melissa Holloway, J.D. Melissa Holloway, J.D.
General Counsel for Legal Affairs
Dowdy Building, 4th Floor
Phone (336) 334-7592
Fax (336) 334-7194

silhouette_cabinet.jpgMelody Pierce, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Murphy Hall, Suite 100
Phone (336) 334-7696
Fax (336) 334-7103 

robert-pompey.jpgRobert Pompey Jr., MBA 
Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance
Dowdy Building, 2nd Floor
Phone (336) 334-7587
Fax (336) 334-3827 

Sanjiv SarinSanjiv Sarin, Ph.D.
Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development
Fort IRC Building, 4th Floor
Phone (336) 334-7314
Fax (336) 256-2240

Aggies Do LogoKenneth E. Sigmon Jr., MBA
Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
Dowdy Building, Suite 400
Phone (336) 334-7600
Fax (336) 256-2376

erickia-elbert-800.jpgErickia Elbert, M.S.
Interim Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
1020 Wendover Building
Phone (336) 285-3787
Fax (336) 334-7477