Meet Marcus Ferby, Vice President of Internal Affairs

Marcus Ferby is native of the Queen City Charlotte, North Carolina. He humbly serves as the Student Body Vice-President of Internal Affairs. His mother Marjorie Cutter, father Stephen Ferby, and step-mother Ellen Ferby raised him to be an eager person with great ambition. Marcus has 2 older siblings, Matthew Ferby and Marlaina Beaty.

Marcus was a member of the Blue and Gold Marching Machine from 2013-2015, as well as Queen City Aggies. Marcus is a spring 2014 Initiate into the Iota Beta Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America Incorporated. He serves as the current Chapter President and Assistant Collegiate Province Representative of his current district. Marcus serves as the Greek Letter Council (GLC), Vice-President and is truly dedicated to serving his community in any areas needed.

As Vice-President of Internal Affairs, Marcus hopes to fulfill his platform (G.E.T. F.I.T) “Getting Everyone Together Fixing Internal Tactics.” Marcus understands that if life on the inside looks great, the outside has no choice but to shine. He plans to work with the 49th Legislative Assembly to answer students concerns and work to increase transparency amongst students and administrators. Marcus plans to go beyond his duties and build North Carolina A&T State University forward through education, influence, and service.

Marcus has several career goals including, working as a corporate attorney and then eventually owning his own law practice. He sees great heights in working as an attorney because helping people is one thing he loves to do. Marcus has always had goals to continue to grow no matter how great the trials may become. Often times struggle can become intimidating, he understands that he must use that intimidation to drive the project to the end result. He always used his advice from his older brother and sister to shape his philosophy of life:

“Anything is possible, but in the moment that I begin to make excuses, I’ve already failed.”