Meet James Bowen, II, Mr. N.C. A&T State University

James Bowen, II, is a senior Industrial & Systems Engineering student from the
small town of Riegelwood, North Carolina. Since his freshman year, he has
always aspired to become Mister North Carolina A&T. He previously served as
Mister Freshman, and Mister Junior and has served his campus in varying
capacities since his enrollment into North Carolina A&T. As Mister A&T,
James plans to be the same role model for men younger than himself as his
Mister A&T, Jordan Brunson, was for him his freshman year. James is
committed to bringing excellence and innovation to the position of Mister A&T
through meaningful programs and community service opportunities. In the future,
he plans to pursue a graduate degree in Higher Education Administration and
begin a career in Student Life and Development on the campus of a Historically
Black College or University