How to Join

Academic Eligibility:

To be eligible or considered for membership in fraternities, sororities and social fellowship organizations, the university requires that a student meet the following criteria:

  • Successful completion of at least 12 credit hours at NC A&T State University during the academic semester prior to the intake semester (first semester freshmen and first semester transfer students are NOT eligible for membership during their 1st year on campus). For those who were enrolled in a cooperative education/intern experience during the fall semester, a letter of verification must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities prior to application for membership to be eligible.

  • Have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 the semester prior to spring intake.  Some organizations require a higher GPA for membership, therefore having a 2.5 does not guarantee a student’s eligibility for certain chapters.

  • Must be an undergraduate student currently enrolled as a full time student, being registered for and successfully completing at least 12 credit hours during the academic semester in which intake is being held.  Graduate      students or students seeking an additional undergraduate degree are ineligible to participate in intake at A&T as they have already been awarded a degree and should seek membership in a Graduate or Alumni/ae Chapter. 

  •  Be in good judicial standing with the university per the Office of the Dean of Students and have NO judicial, financial, or academic holds at the time of clearance/s.

  • Must have attended at least one mandatory information session for membership intake offered by student activities during the academic year they wish to seek membership in a greek letter organization or social fellowship.


Elements of the first bullet point (above) may be affected by national organizations, of which N.C. A&T chapters are components; therefore, it is the responsibility of the chapter to secure clearance from its regional or national organization, i.e. some organizations require a higher cumulative average, giving the option to a chapter to use A&T's minimum requirement.

Compliance with A&T minimum requirements for application eligibility does not guarantee that a student will be selected or voted on for membership in an organization.  Beyond minimum requirements, organizations have the right to select their members by criteria approved by the national governing body of the organization and accepted by the university as a fair policy.  This criteria must be documented in the Office of Greek Life.

Membership Intake Regulations:

Recruitment activities can only be scheduled during the spring semester which is designated by the A&T and those organizations that are approved members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council or Greek Life Council, as stipulated in the Student Handbook. No student may be in a group or organized interest club, pay fees or perform duties or assignments before the membership intake program and schedule are approved by A&T.

Membership Intake Restrictions:

All organizations that are eligible to do so may have only ONE intake period during the academic year and per the issued schedule from the Office of Greek Life. The schedule is for a maximum period to be determine by the Office of Greek Life to process new members and ends at the point of induction.