MSC Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement

The Multicultural Student Center (MSC) Mission Statement: The primary mission of the Multicultural Student Center at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University is to promote a broad understanding, appreciation and value of campus-wide and global diversity. The Center provides leadership in promoting campus-wide awareness of multicultural, diversity and human relations related issues, through education, training, community service and programming.

Vision Statement

The Multicultural Student Center (MSC) at North Carolina A&T State University serves to promote academic and personal growth of traditionally underserved students, work with the entire campus to create an institutional and community climate of justice, promote access and equity in higher education, and offer programs that educate the campus about diversity. In addition, we assist the institution in developing shared goals and creating a sense of common community that serves all constituents fairly and equitably.

N.C. A&T offers all students a unique educational setting that feels immediately welcoming to most students, faculty, and staff. However, recognizing that there are some members of our community who may feel alienated for any number of reasons — ethnicity, country of origin, sexual orientation, language, or other life circumstances — the MSC seeks to help all diverse student communities feel welcome so that they may benefit from their A&T experience and their continued involvement may enrich the whole community.

The MSC supports independent expression of all multicultural groups, while promoting collective experiences within the N.C A&T community. The MSC maintains an open-door policy encouraging individuals and organizations to come by and use our resources or to discuss issues they may have concerning their N.C A&T experience.