Welcome to the Multicultural Student Center

Multicultural Student Center (MSC) Purpose For over a decade, the Multicultural Student Center (MSC) has existed on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University to support the educational, cultural, social and intellectual growth of the campus community, and raise awareness about individual differences and global issues. The Center supports the institutions goal to ensure that the entire campus community is a safe and welcome environment for everyone regardless of your individual difference. 

The Center serves to support the university mission to protect, educate and inform the community that North Carolina A&T State University does not discriminate on the bases of — ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender, physical ability, religion, etc. The Center assists with the coordination and planning of special events to raise cultural awareness, celebrate global diversity and building community. All students, faculty, staff and the administration are protected as a valued member of this community.

In addition, MSC assist the institution in developing shared goals and creating a sense of common community that serves all constituents fairly and equitably.The MSC supports individual expression of all multicultural groups, while promoting collective and diverse experiences within the North Carolina A&T community. The MSC maintains an open-door policy encouraging individuals and organizations to seek us out for support

Contact us at: Office 336.334.7800   Fax 336.334.7186