Student Employment Opportunities

Student Employee Application

For the following positions, please contact:

Union Coordinator
Robert Johnson
Phone: (336) 334-7571

Aggie Escort Transportation Crew
Functions as the campus Safe Rides services as a safety escort between campus facilities using a state owned vehicle. Calls are received in the office from students who wish to use the service. Drivers are dispatched to pick up passengers and serve as back up for the Information Desk. Drivers maintain contact with Memorial Student Union staff and University police.

Aggie Underground Attendant
Responsible for customer service, operating cash registers, renting equipment, marketing, organizing recreation programs including leagues and tournaments for the Aggie Underground.

Information Desk Attendant
Serves as a primary point of contact for customers in the Memorial Student Union and is responsible for all aspects of customer-service throughout the facility. Staff will also maintain the Copy Corner, fax Services and assist in various other guest services.

Student Building Manager
Responsible for managing the Memorial Student Union during the evening hours and on weekends when the full-time staff is off duty. It is imperative that the student building manager be familiar with the building, its equipment, policies, programs and services and the day-to-day schedule of events. This position requires knowledge of the university.

The role of the student building manager encompasses that of a meeting facilitator, problem solver, interpreter of policies, supervisor of student staff, security monitor and a resource person. This position has significant supervisory responsibilities, and will delegate tasks to a wide range of staff in the Memorial Student Union.

Union Technician
Responsible for setting up and dismantling audio/visual (A/V) equipment used in meeting rooms and for setting up room arrangements throughout the building. The staff will also provide technical assistance and support during events as requested or as needed. Additionally, the union technicians staff the computer lab. It is important that the union technician is familiar with the building, its equipment, policies, programs and services and the day-to-day schedule of events.

Office Assistant
Responsible for assisting the full time staff with the operation of the Memorial Student Union Administrative Office and the union scheduler.

For the following positions, please contact:

University Events Center
Ali Mateen
Associate Director
Phone: (336) 285-2580

Student Interns:

Responsible for helping facilitate and manage various on-campus as well as off-campus activities. Assist departments, student organizations, and the community in the overall execution of their events. Assist UEC and Union Staff with transport, set-up and breakdown of event related equipment. Help manage crowd control for campus activities. Assist with the coordination of variation on-campus activities.

For the following positions, please contact:

Campus Recreation Center Director
Robert Johnson
Phone: (336) 285-4230

Fitness Center Attendant
Assists in the operations of the Fitness Center. All staff are required to have current CPR and First Aid training.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Student must have and maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 or greater
  • Student must have an attempted hour/earned hour completion rate of 80 percent:  Unless the student is a double major or a transfer student, he/she should not have attempted more than 126 hours
  • Student must be enrolled full-time (undergrad-12hrs, graduate-9hrs) in the current session to be eligible for employment. (For summer sessions, if not enrolled in a summer session you must be registered for the upcoming fall semester).
  • Student must have a good judicial standing as determined by  the University Student Conduct Office