The Memorial Student Union functions as the community center for North Carolina A&T State University and its constituency by providing a diversity of services, activities and amenities. The union serves as the headquarters for the Student Government Association, Student University Activities Board, Aggie Escort Shuttle Service, Recreation area. 

  •  Comfortable lounge areas with wireless Internet, 
  •  Computer station with Internet access
  •  Information center 

A primary goal of the Memorial Union is to promote an involved community through the various services, amenities and programs that are made available to the campus. The union’s location in the heart of the north campus provides an excellent co-curricular community for students, faculty members, alumni and guest served by the university. The union provides employment opportunities for more than 30 students during the school year. Additionally, the programming and recreational activities of the Union have a unique focus on the cultural and social development of their participants.

The Campus Recreation Center is a satellite facility under the Union’s organizational structure that provides the latest cardiovascular and strengthening equipment. It houses the Intramural Sports and recreation office. The union provides employment opportunities for more than 30 students during the school year. The program is designed to promote fitness and wellness among the students and campus community through physical and instructional activity.

Intramural Sports provides students, faculty and staff access to recreational facilities and the opportunity to participate in recreation and sports programs and activities regardless of skill level. These programs are competitive, noncompetitive, organized, informal and instructional to meet the diverse needs of the campus. In addition to programs, Intramural Sports provides internships and fieldwork experiences for recreation majors. Employment and training opportunities are also available to the students in officiating.