Pharmacy FAQs

1. What is a refill?

A provider may authorize refills when a prescription is written. A refill allows you to get more medication directly from the pharmacy without contacting your provider. The number of refills remaining on your prescription and the expiration date of your refills is printed on the next to the bottom line of your most recently filled prescription label. 
For example: “3 REFILLS BEFORE 8/26/08”.

There are 2 ways to request your refills in advance (refer below):

2.  Use Ready Refills via the internet go to PRESCRIPTION REFILLS, if:

- You know your prescription number (RX# at the top left of the prescription label) and

- You only need a one month supply.

- Your refill request will be ready 2 business hours after you submit your request.

- You can pick-up your refill at the pharmacy "RX Pick-Up" window.

3.  Use Ready Refills via the telephone (336) 285-2905 or (336) 285-2928, Ask for Refill Desk if:

- You do not know your prescription number(s) or

- You want more than a one month’s supply or

- Your refill request will be ready 2 business hours after you submit your request or the next business day at 2pm.

- You can pick-up your refill at the pharmacy "RX Pick-Up" window.

4. Are there any limits on the number of refills I can get at one time?

Most insurance companies limit the number of refills you can get at one time to a three month supply, but the physician must approve the quantity. Some insurance policies include vacation override provisions that allow for more than one refill, but the pharmacy must call the insurance company for authorization. Multiple refills of controlled substances prescriptions or psychotropic drugs require the prescriber to write the prescription for the exact amount to dispense.

5. What time limits do I have to get refills?

North Carolina regulations and most insurance companies limit the refilling of non-controlled substance prescriptions to one year from the date the prescription written date. Controlled substances prescription refills are limited to 6 months. Further, a prescriber may specify time limits on refilling.

6. What if I have no refills left on my prescription?

If there are no refills remaining or your provider did not authorize refills, you must contact or make an appointment with your provider to get a renewal of your prescription.

7. How can I get my prescription filled when I’m not on campus?

Click on Aggie Refills in menu box.

8. Transfer of refills

Your prescription may be transferred to another pharmacy at your request.

Take your most recently filled prescription label to the pharmacy of your choice, 
or give the pharmacy your prescription number if you know it, or your Banner ID# and the name of the drug.

Request that the pharmacy call us at (336) 285-2905 or (336) 285-2928 during our hours of operation and we will transfer the remaining refills.

9. Do you mail prescriptions?

No. In order to contain costs and to assure proper storage and handling during shipment, the Sebastian Health Center Pharmacy does not mail prescription medications. You may give the pharmacy permission to have someone else pick up your medications.

10. Do I have to pay for my medicines today?

Yes.  Some form of payment is expected on the day of service. The cost of your medication may be added to your student account, if more than $5.00. We also accept cash, check, Visa, AMEX, Master Card or Aggie One cards.

11. Is there an extra charge if I bill my prescription charges to my Student Account at the University Cashier?


12. If I charge my prescription to my Student Account at the University Cashier will my parents see the charge if my tuition bill is sent home?

The charge is itemized on your Student Account with a non-specific description, "Medical Services Charge", the amount charged and the date. No specific description, such as medication name, is transferred.