Online Student Portal

Student Health Center is excited that you have chosen N.C. A&T for your collegiate experience!

In the Online Student Portal, students can:

  • Complete Medical History forms
  • View and input your immunization records
  • Schedule/cancel appointments 
  • View Patient Education Forms
  • Receive secure messages from Student Health Center Staff
  • Complete Pre-Visit intake forms
  • Complete Pre-Visit appointment forms

Steps for completing your medical health history forms online:

1- Log into the SHC web site.

2- Your username is your University student e-mail front characters. (ex. "USERNAME"

3- The password is your N.C. A&T SU e-mail password

4- Please complete the entire section labeled “Required Forms”.

5- Please enter all immunizations in the section labeled “Immunizations, new”

6- After completing the above steps, please forward a copy of the immunization records (only) for verification, according to the following due dates:

July 1st – for students entering in Fall Semester
January 1st – for students entering in Spring Semester