Health Education

The purpose of the Health Education Department is to promote and maintain the health of university students by altering or eliminating health-related obstacles, and/or by empowering individuals to be more self-directed in their individual care. The Student Health Center takes pride in its slogan, “Healthy Bodies... Healthy Minds”.

The Health Education department’s goal is to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate healthcare offerings and health education programs that encompass the physical, social, emotional, and cultural needs of students. Program topics include; Sexual Health, Chronic Disease Prevention, Mental Health Wellness and Health Behaviors.  For additional information or to schedule a health education program, please contact Janet Lattimore at (336)285-2912 email:  Presentation requests require a two weeks notice and please give a 24 hour notice for program cancellations.

What is SHAC?

The Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is a student organization that acts as a liaison between the Student Health Center and the students of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.  SHAC provides input in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs and services within the Student Health Center. In addition, SHAC serves as a liaison to other student organizations and monitors the student feedback process.  SHAC is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of the Student Health Center, which is to provide cost-efficient, high-quality health care with  particular focus on wellness and prevention, and to participate as a full member in the teaching/learning community on campus.