Appointment Info

The Student Health Center uses an appointment system to enhance student services and execute care. Appointments can be made by calling 336.334.7880 or through the online student portal (  For emergencies or unexpected problems you may walk in and be assessed by the health care team. Depending on assessment, you may be asked to schedule an appointment.

It is imperative that you keep your allotted appointment time. Failure to arrive at your designated time may result in rescheduling or an extended wait time.

Self Check-In:

In an effort to promote accuracy and efficiency, the Student Health Center has implemented a Self Check-in system for your convenience. Kiosks are located in the atrium of the Student Health Center.

Documents Needed for Check-in:

  • Proof of insurance (University or Private).  University Student Insurance Card is required if you are enrolled. If you do not have your University Student Insurance Card present, please click here (.../student-insurance/print-insurance-temporary-card.html)
    If you have private insurance, please inform the receptionist and show your private insurance card.
  • Payment options include cash, credit card or payment may be applied to the student's account.