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The Office of Student Development seeks to inspire students to engage and succeed in their individual learning as they transform into dynamic leaders. We envision a network of programs and services that excels in meeting students' out-of-classroom needs, complementing their academic experiences and building community that values diversity. In alliance with the educational mission, the Office creates interdisciplinary student learning opportunities beyond the classroom that inspire intellectual, personal, civic growth for leadership in a diverse and complex world. We build communities, both real and virtual, which encourage inclusiveness, invite communication and add to the cultural richness of the institution. It is also the mission of the Office to promote activities and learning opportunities which will assist in retention efforts.

The Office shares a fundamental belief in the value of student affairs and its ability to transform lives, we will pursue this vision by:

• Focusing on the lifelong learning and personal growth of all students
• Conducting ourselves and our programs with the highest integrity
• Enhancing our services by creating opportunities to collaborate and nurture partnerships
• Challenging ourselves to move beyond the status quo and pursue higher levels of excellence with determination and enthusiasm
• Strengthening a tradition of quality, compassion, and an unwavering belief in students and ourselves
• Demonstrating the innovation and courage to adapt to changing conditions
• Realizing that both action and vision and necessary for a better future.

The Office of Student Development supports the principle mission, vision and core values of North Carolina A&T University as outlines in N.C. A&T Preeminence 2020.