Welcome to The Office of Student Development


At North Carolina A&T State University the Office of Student Development, a division of Student Affairs, takes pride in educating, training, mentoring and developing exceptional individuals who value service. The Office of Student Development leads by example and strives to meet the challenges of an ever changing global society.

This department takes pride in providing, as well as partnering with the university and neighboring community, in creating co-curricular, leadership and community & service learning opportunities that enhance all undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered at N.C. A&T. Those best practices are enhanced by activities that extend beyond the classroom such as workshops, cultural events, professional development, travel, leadership development and community & service learning. We are committed to support your goals and those established by Student Affairs as you explore, discover and ultimately earn your degree. 

Whether you want to be an engaged student, academic scholar, student leader, community activist, servant leader, artist, the Office of Student Development will assist you in finding an opportunity to meet your needs and reach your goals as a global citizen. Our motto is, “Students are why we are here.” 

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."
— John F. Kennedy

Aggie Pride!