Consultation for Faculty & Staff

Counseling Services is available to provide consultation to North Carolina A&T State University faculty and staff who have concerns about a particular student. Faculty or staff may consult anonymously, may identify themselves and the student in question, or may share the names of all involved in seeking out consultation.

Additionally, our staff is available to conduct workshops to university departments who would like training on the identification of mental health issues and what to do when an issue has been identified.

Note on Student Confidentiality

Ethical and legal standards prohibit Counseling Services staff from divulging when a student is participating in counseling without their express permission and in a handful of other special circumstances.

Faculty Workshops

Upon request, Counseling Services can deliver a workshop on better responding to mental health concerns in the classroom. Our workshop handouts are available here.

School/Department Liaisons

In order to facilitate the referral process, we have found that students are more likely to follow-up when a specific referral is given, liaisons are assigned to all campus schools/departments and residence halls. Although any clinical staff person can help with a consultation or direct student care, the liaison also will periodically provide information pertinent to responding to mental well-being. We are happy to answer questions about liaisons at 336-334-7727.

Click here to download a copy of our informational trifold, What to do when you think a student may be in crisis...

Faculty/Staff Referrals