OCS Orientation enables students to learn about the Office, its resources, and services. It is the first step of the registration process.  Individuals are encouraged to attend an Orientation session their freshman year (or first year at the university) and complete registration no later than the second semester of the sophomore year (or the second semester after starting for transfer students). This timeframe will enable individuals to begin preparing and honing their career development skills early.  The more activities an individual engages in to enhance his/her knowledge, skills, and abilities, the more marketable he/she will become to employers and graduate schools. Early preparation is the key.


There are two types of registration:  limited and full.

LIMITED ACCESS REGISTRATION consists of the following steps:

  1. Attend Orientation in the OCS or via webinar.  Each session lasts approximately 40 minutes. An RSVP is required. (Note: You only have to attend Orientation once). For more details on Orientation (i.e., schedule, how to RSVP, information covered) click here.
  2. Update your profile in AggieLink (Profile includes the personal, academic, privacy consent, and password sections.) New students who are first-time users must contact the OCS for a temporary password, then login using their email address and temporary password.  Don’t forget to opt in to the text messaging alert system to receive IMPORTANT announcements from OCS.
  3. Once all of the above steps have been completed, a “congratulatory” email notification of acceptance for “registration with limited access” will be emailed to you.

FULL ACCESS REGISTRATION consists of the following steps:

  1. Complete all of the steps for “Limited Access Registration” above.
  2. Complete InterviewStream, which is a web-based virtual mock interview practice tool. It is located at www.ncat.interviewstream.com. The interview is entitled “OCS Orientation Mock Interview”.  If you did not receive an email explaining the new sign-in location and password, click the InterviewStream Support link on the site’s homepage. (Internet access and a computer with a web camera and speakers are required. If you do not have these items, visit the OCS in 101 Murphy Hall to use the office’s equipment. No appointment is necessary. Bring your AggieOne card).
  3. Develop a resume and schedule an appointment with an OCS staff person who will make any necessary corrections, approve, and upload it to AggieLink. Bring your resume on a flash drive or save it to an email account to access it during the appointment. Hard copies cannot be approved during the visit.  Resume critiques can also be done in OCS Satellite Locations. (Please review the Resume section on the OCS website to help develop your resume and/or attend a resume workshop).
  4. Once all of the above steps have been completed, you will receive a “congratulatory” email notification of acceptance for “registration with full access”. Afterwards, you do not have to go through this entire process again.


An individual with Limited Access Registration” (LAR) can engage in the majority of the services provided by the OCS, except for career opportunities (outlined in the full registration description).

An individual with “Full Access Registration” (FAR) has LAR benefits plus he/she can participate in on-campus interviews and resume referrals, post for positions nationwide, attend special functions for registered students only, receive opportunities for all-expense-paid travel to employer sites and/or conferences, and apply for one of 13 N.C. A&T University/Industry Cluster $1,000 Scholarships.