Accepted a co-op position, what’s next?

After accepting a co-op assignment, go to the Office of Career Services in Suite 101 Murphy Hall, meet with the Assistant Director for Experiential Learning. Students should bring a copy of their offer letter to this meeting. At this time students will receive a complete copy of the Co-op Education Information Packet.

Acceptance of a co-op position, verbally and/or written, is considered final. (If an emergency arises, contact the Assistant Director for Experiential Learning immediately.)

Enrollment into Co-op Class

Instructions will be given on which co-op class to enroll in. This class will allow students to stay active and in good standing with the university, and receive a co-op notation on official transcript. The university will charge a fee of $300.00. Payment is due by the first day of class of each semester. This co-op course is for zero credit, which students will receive a pass or fail notation. Failure to submit all forms/documents could result in an “I” for incomplete.

Receiving Credit for Co-op Assignment

Academic credit is awarded by the department chairperson in respective schools/colleges. Discuss plans to participate in a co-op and how this relates to your discipline. If the department decides to award academic credit, complete the Academic Credit Form and get appropriate signatures.
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