Welcome to University/Industry Cluster


Thank you for your interest in the University/Industry Cluster at North Carolina A&T State University. The partnership between education and business/industry at A&T has helped to improve professional development for the students and, in turn, has increased the quality of hires for business and industry. Our goal is to continue to equip students to become more marketable for the employment search and to be better prepared when they enter the workforce.

The University/Industry Cluster includes representatives from several Fortune 500 and progressive businesses and the public sector.  Members share their time, talent and expertise to ensure that the students of North Carolina A&T meet the challenges in today’s workforce.

University/Industry Cluster membership comes with a variety of benefits, which include but are not limited to the following:

Increased Visibility
Up-to-Date University Communication

North Carolina A&T’s faculty members are a part of this partnership as well and share in the commitment of caring for the students. Lastly, our student members are a great reflection of the high caliber of students A&T has to offer.

Organizations want to get the most from their recruiting resources.  By actively participating in Cluster, you will be able to strengthen your organization's brand on campus and find some fantastic recruits across multiple disciplines.

I encourage you to visit the Office of Career Services on A&T’s campus to find out more about the University/Industry Cluster and see all that this partnership has to offer. Your comments and inquiries are very welcome. I hope you choose to become a member of the Cluster.

Linda Arthur
Linda Arthur (Baxter Healthcare)
University/Industry Cluster Co-Chair