Student Affairs Outstanding Employee Performance Award Criteria

The Student Affairs Outstanding Employee Award is granted to any employee whose performance routinely exemplifies the following qualities:

1) Teamwork - cooperative or coordinated effort on part of the group and acting together to fulfill the objectives and goals of the team. 

  • Demonstrates a spirit of teamwork and cooperation and treats others with respect. Interacts with others in a positive, enthusiastic, and cheerful manner. 
  • Meets departmental or division objectives by assisting peers or subordinates, sharing knowledge, and stimulating collaboration and a positive work environment for accomplishing tasks. Sustains a high level of productivity and consistent quality of work. 

2) Commitment - the act of pledging, acting, or engaging oneself for the welfare of the team and setting a positive example for others. 

  • Devoted to the pursuit of team goals and objectives, and provides services which are outside the scope of the job. Displays exceptional dependability. 
  • Accepts responsibilities and performs duties above and beyond what is normally expected. Exhibits commitment to servicing. 

3) Leadership - the ability to act with authoritativeness and control in any situation. 

  • Exhibits interest and concern for other team members and team objectives. Maintains, demonstrates and exhibits effective relationships with others. 
  • Displays outstanding qualities through teamwork, promoting cooperation and productive work environment. 

The recipient of this award has a strong knowledge and understanding of the Division of Student Affair's mission, vision, policies and procedures and prepared to address students'/customers' concerns, proficiently determining the best solution and quickly follows through for a positive result. The recipient must also exhibit courtesy and professionalism while interacting with students and customers. 

Frequency of the Award: 

  • Three (SHRA) Awards Annually
  • One (EHRA) Awards Annually

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