For Parents & Family

North Carolina A&T State University believes parents and families are an important part of the university family. After all, no one knows our students better than you. We also know that when parents are informed, students benefit. Your son or daughter will continue to seek your advice and guidance about college life (and not just when they need money). You’ll likely get calls about grades, input about getting an internship, or roommate issues. We want you to be an informed resource when your son or daughter calls—so you can help them help themselves.

The beginning of a college career marks many changes in students and their relationships with family and friends. It can also mean changes in beliefs, values, behaviors, and attitudes. North Carolina A&T believes that parents and family members provide a crucial support base for the new experiences of their student. Understanding and adjusting to these changes is an exciting challenge for both students and parents. We are here to help new students and their families with this transition.

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