Frequently Asked Questions

Housing Application Process: 

New Students:

How do I apply for housing? 

You apply for housing by completing the online housing application at our Application Center and view the tutorial.  

Who do I make the check or money order out to for the $150 application processing fee?

Once you have submitted the online application, please pay the $150 non-refundable application processing fee online with credit / debit card or mail a check / money order to North Carolina A&T State University, Housing Assignments Office, Aggie Village Building 2, 1601 E. Market Street, Greensboro, NC, 27411
When do I need to send in my housing application?  

New students have up until they attend new student orientation to complete the housing application and pay the housing application processing fee. 
When will incoming freshmen receive their housing assignment? 

Housing assignments will be emailed one to two weeks after new students complete New Student Orientation to the students' assigned A&T email address.

Is my $150 application processing fee refundable?

 No, the application processing fee is non-refundable.

Can I use two forms of payment for payment for my housing application processing fee?

Yes, payments in the form of credit, check, and money order can be made in the office.  Split payments or cash payments must be made of the treasurer’s office, located in the Dowdy Building.

Can I request a room change for second semester? If so, what is the process?

Yes. Any time during or after the room change process you are able to change your room based on availability. Please talk with your hall director regarding room changes within your assigned building or report to the housing assignments office for an up to date listing of available spaces throughout the campus.  Please be available to move as well as cover any additional charges to your student account resulting from your room change. Students are responsible for moving all items from their old room assignment and check into their new building/room within 24 hours of the room change. 

Continuing Students:

When does the continuing student housing process begin?

Please check for updates on our website.

How many parts is it to the continuing student housing process?

There are two parts to the continuing student housing process:

Part I- Students submit the housing application and pay the $150 non-refundable application processing fee. 

Part II(Housing selection process)-Students choose their own room assignment on the date, time, and selection number received via email from Housing and Residence Life.

How do I pull in a roommate?

To pull in roommates: Use NC A&T email prefix for the screen name and the RMS ID for the password.

Once I have assigned myself to a room, can I request to change my assignment?

If the room selection process is still live, you cannot request to change your assignment. The room change process takes place during September after Labor Day. All room request are based on availability and first-come-first serve basis that cannot be guaranteed.


Housing Release Process: 

The Housing Release policy applies to all students with signed a housing contract/housing assignment for the upcoming/current academic year.

How do I cancel my application? 

To be release from your Housing Contractual Agreement, you must contact an Assignments Coordinator or your Hall Director. Notifying the Office of the Registrar, Student Financial Aid Office and/or any other university departments will not act as a final release from your housing assignment.

You must be prepared to move out of your housing assignment completely BEFORE completing/ submitting your release form.

Please see the following move out procedure:

  • Remove all items from the room
  • Check-out with your Hall Director or Graduate Hall Director
  • Turn in your keys
  • Complete the Housing Release Form
    • Have supporting documentation ready to attach to the form.

Upon receipt and verification of release form, students will receive notification the Housing and Residence Life Office.

  • Notice of the penalty decision within the 7-10 business days
    • Approve (without penalty)
    • Re-Open (additional supporting documentation is needed)
    • Denied (with penalty)


Can I change room assignments and/or roommates? 

Yes. However, we strongly encourage students to wait at least 3 weeks before requesting any room changes. Direct these requests to the Residence Hall Director.

What if I have a roommate conflict? 

Contact your Hall Director located in their residence hall or the Resident Assistant living on your floor. They will assist with any roommate conflicts.

What If someone steals something out of my residence hall room, how can I be reimbursed for the replacement costs? 

Students are strongly encouraged to obtain insurance from an independent insurance carrier; this can include your own homeowners insurance to cover any losses of personal possessions in the residence hall. Neither the University nor Housing and Residence Life are responsible for any damages or losses to personal property in residence halls.

How do I requested a roommate? (Incoming Freshmen Only) To request a roommate, please send email including both student’s name and banner ID information to All request are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Both students will need to have completed the application process in order to be roomed together.

Why didn't I get my requested roommate? 

If the roommate you requested has delayed or failed to complete the housing application process after the application period, the application may not be in the pool during the assignment phase.  The completed application consists of completing the housing application on-line and paying the application processing fee.  

Housing Cost and Additional Fees:

What is the cost of Housing? 

The cost per Residence Hall may vary based on room or style preference.  Our current rate sheets can be found on the housing website. 

What do we do if furniture in the room is missing or damaged?  

Students should complete a room condition report at check-in.  This form allows staff to follow-up with any missing or damaged items; failure to report damages or missing furniture does not excuse charges.  After check-in, students can go to the housing website and submit a maintenance request.  Urgent or emergency requests should immediately be reported to Residence Hall Staff on duty.

When are students required to leave the residence halls? 

Residence halls are closed three times during the academic year. Holiday Break in December, Spring Break in March, and closed for the summer in May. ALL students must leave the residence halls during these times.  See the housing calendar for specific dates and times.

 Choice of Residence Hall: 

Why are new students not allowed to choose their preference online?

Housing preferences have been removed from the housing application. 

Can I change my assignment to another residence hall? 

A transfer may be requested at any time. However room changes will not be available until the third week of classes.

What is the difference between a single, double, double deluxe and a private? 

A single room consists of one person in a room and student shares a bathroom with four to five other residents living within the suite. A double room consists of two people living in the same room. (Traditional Doubles- share a bathroom on the same hall, Suite Style Doubles-share a bathroom within a suite.) A double deluxe consists of two people living in the same room with a bathroom inside the room. A private room consists of one person living in a room with a private bathroom.


If I live in the residence hall, is a meal plan required?

Yes, a meal plan is required for all students who reside in campus housing.  Meal plans information is available at Dining Services.


Are freshmen allow to have cars on campus?  

North Carolina A&T provides a student shuttle service and students can utilize local city buses for free with student ID card.  Freshmen who earn a GPA of 3.2 or higher for the fall semester and have completed/earned 80% or higher of attempted hours, may apply to bring their cars to campus for the spring semester through the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Development, Denise Iverson-Payne, Murphy Hall, Suite 104, 336.334.7792 or


All housing related emails will be sent to students assigned A&T email address.