Resident Assistant Position Information

Job Title:  Resident Assistant

Supervisor: Assigned after hired

Number of Positions: Up to 107

2015-2016 Resident Assistant Position Description

The Resident Assistant serves as a student leader to the college residential community.  The Resident Assistant strives to create a residence hall environment that promotes positive engagement and mutual respect. Under the supervision of the Hall Director and/or GHD, the Resident Assistant will fulfill the general requirements and responsibilities within this job description and manual.


  • Visible and accessible to residents
  • Assist residents with academic and maintenance concerns as needed
  • Build community among residents by enforcing student code of conduct, mediating  disagreements, resolving conflicts, promoting diversity and supporting university events
  • Create, design, and execute educational, social, and inspirational programs, flyers, posters, and bulletin boards
  • Provide building coverage as needed.  This includes at night, weekends, break periods when halls remain open, and during hall openings and closings to ensure coverage
  • Communicate and support necessary retention activities and events implemented by the University and Housing & Residence Life
  • Make job priority over other extracurricular activities
  • Maintain confidentiality concerning student information
  • Follow instruction and directives of supervisory staff, resolving any concerns through established protocol


  • Cumulative and semester GPA of 2.75 or higher at the time of application.
  • Minimum of 30 semester hours completed at the time of appointment
  • Enrolled as a full time student with minimum of 12 and most of 18 credit hours
  • Valid 2014-2015 housing application/contract on file
  • Clean academic, judicial, and professional record.
  • Expect RAs to give hall responsibilities priority over other extracurricular activities outside of academics
  • Cannot hold any other paid campus position, federal work study inclusive
  • Student bill must be validated before paperwork will be processed
  • Demonstrate skills in communication, organization, policy enforcement, conflict management, programming implementation, administrative completion, and follow up documentation


  • Maintain a good performance evaluation
  • Understand I represent Housing and Residence Life in and around campus
  • Attend  Resident Assistant In-Services


  • Stipend of $7,173.00 a year, $717.30 a month - Note: RAs must pay for their housing.
  • Professional work experience
  • Leadership development and training
  • Enhanced life skills (interpersonal, conflict resolution, etc…)


  • The RA is expected to be on the floor each night throughout the year, except during Holiday Breaks and Spring Break. During breaks where the residence halls are not closed (i.e. Fall Break, Thanksgiving, etc…) RA staff is required to assume duty tasks under an on-call coverage status outlined by the Hall Director.
  • The Hall Director must approve overnight stays away from the hall.
  • The RA is expected to arrive early at the beginning of each semester to assist with opening and remain in the hall as long as needed at the close of each semester.


  • The RA is expected to develop an atmosphere of community where residents feel a sense of belonging, affiliation and support by establishing a "working relationship" with each resident and striving to maintain and expand this relationship throughout the year.
  • The RA is expected to develop a community agreement among all residents and facilitate regular floor meetings to encourage ongoing community development.
  • The RA is expected to create opportunities for residents to interact and build the community as well as educate residents about their responsibilities as members of the community.
  • The RA may serve as a resource on assigned hall and departmental committees.


  • The RA serves as a support when residents have a concern or problem and assist in mediation when necessary.
  • The RA serves as a resource person and referral agent for university and community services such as The Counseling Center, Sebastian Health Center, Career Services, etc…
  • The RA is expected to know the residents in their area well enough to recognize changes in behavior patterns for which counseling or other assistance may be necessary.
  • The RA is responsible for reading and being familiar with resource material presented in the Student Handbook, the RA manual and Dept. of Housing and Residence Life training/leadership sessions.
  • The RA is expected to educate residents about residence hall regulations and guidelines, and the university’s standards of conduct.


  • The RA is expected to understand and enforce all university and residence hall regulations and policies.
  • The RA is expected to create a climate on his/her floor that promotes individual responsibilities as well as protect the rights of the individual and community.
  • The RA is expected to confront inappropriate student behavior in a positive, educational and professional manner.
  • The RA is expected to maintain confidentiality concerning disciplinary actions.


  • The RA is expected to support events on campus such as Welcome Week, Black History Month, Alcohol Awareness week, etc. by developing programs and making bulletin boards to help educate residents.
  • Keep bulletin boards neat, accurate and up-to-date with pertinent information and organize floor meetings as needed.
  • The RA encourages residents to pursue their interests and plan programs and activities.
  • The RA is expected to attend all programs and functions of his/her assigned residence hall when possible.


  • The RA is expected to attend all staff meetings, in-service training, and training sessions, leadership sessions, RA team meetings, and individual meetings with the Hall Director.
  • The RA is expected to assist and support the Residence Hall Association and the Residence Hall Council.


  • The RA will help safeguard the community by making rounds in the buildings and conducting room and maintenance inspections.
  • The RA will educate residents on fire safety and evacuation procedures.