Continuing Student Online Application Process

Cancellations deadlines are below: 

  • Cancellations without penalty : Before April 30 by 5pm
  • Cancellations with $500 penalty: Before May 10 by 5pm
  • Cancellations with 50% of the of the remaining full length of the housing contract for your particular residence hall rate for the year: Starting May 11. 

We are glad you returned to your home away from home!  As you approach the next phase of your academic endeavors at the university we urge you to take part in all the housing community has to offer.  

It is our goal to be an extension of the classroom where you can live, think and succeed.


Online Application Process Instructions

To complete application follow these steps:

Login to the Aggie Application Portal

    • Username: First part of the student's aggie email account – everything before the @ sign.
    • Password: First four letters of the student's aggie email and last four numbers of the student's Banner ID. 

Once logged in to the Aggie Application Portal 

    • Click on the see menu dropdown, then click on NC A&T Housing System.  
    • Click on the Continuing Student Application for the academic year being applied and follow the steps. 
    • A new feature in this year's room selection process is the addition of a roommate pull-in PIN. This 4 digit number is used to verify that a student has given permission to be pulled in as a roommate by another student. 
    • Next, read and sign the housing contract to finish the housing application.
    • Once the contract is signed, click review and finish to make the non-refundable $150 application processing fee. 
    • Confirmation emails with notification that the housing application and payment has been completed will be sent to the student's aggie email. 

You will not be assigned or allowed to select a room in April until we receive your $150 processing application fee. 


  • Housing and Residence Life
    Office Aggie Village 2 rm. 201
  • Cashier’s Office 
    Dowdy Building