Living & Learning Communities

Housing and Residence Life strives to promote educational excellence in the Residential Community and increase retention for North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Through strong collaborations with Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, the Aggie Living and Learning Communities enable residents to experience a more educationally enriched community supporting his/her academic and career aspirations. Moreover, the Department of Housing and Residence Life recognizes the importance of life skills for the employability of our students. As such, for life skills, these communities will focus on a Residential Curriculum guiding students toward competencies in critical thinking and reasoning skills, social and civic responsibility, character, ethics, and communication.

A living-learning community consists of students who live in a specially-themed residence hall (or an intentionally clustered portion of the hall), and will participate in academically and intellectually engaging learning activities designed specifically for them. LLCs help students create a strong link between their lives in the residence hall and learning experiences in the classroom; provide an environment that is conducive to building a strong, cohesive peer support system that will serve the students throughout their academic and professional careers. Students who reside in an LLC enjoy all the same amenities as other residents, yet benefit from a unique living experience.

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Benefits of an LLC:

Although each LLC is unique, benefits may include providing students with a mutual support network, evening events about interesting topics of specific interest to an academic discipline, group dinner meetings, and in-residence tutoring programs designed to increase retention and overall academic performance. Some other benefits for the students are:

  • To have a network of friends
  • To improve grades
  • To meet people who have a common goal
  • To participate in social activities related to their academic major
  • To find help and encouragement informally through networking with peers
  • To transform a residential setting into an active, supportive and exciting place to live and learn
  • To maximize each student's academic program's effectiveness with in-hall faculty interaction


1. Students will gain self-awareness and general awareness of leadership through self-evaluation, participation in leadership development programming, examination and evaluation of leadership theories involving critical and reflective thinking.

2. Students will gain an understanding of what it means to be a part of a global community through the exploration and appreciation of differences while participating in collaborative programming and initiatives. Students will focus on personal, individual and group leadership development through activities, exercises and experiences with faculty, staff and student leaders.

3. Students will develop problem solving and conflict resolution strategies through co-curricular activities, exercises and experiences with their peers and other members of the A&T community; which directly relate to and support the academic experience.

For additional questions about the Housing and Residence Life Living Learning Communities, please contact:

Antoinette Bonnie Candia-Bailey, Associate Director of Academic Enhancement and Enrichment Program
Office phone:  (336) 285-4326
Office location:  Aggie Village #3 room 321