Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

To create a "home away from home" where students are individually and collectively challenged and supported in the journey to become mature, contributing citizens in a global community.

 Mission Statement

Housing and Residence Life supports the University’s mission by encouraging students to live, think and succeed through integrating diversity, integrity, and community accountability by cultivating unity and Aggie Pride.   Housing and Residence Life provides management, resources, and systems which allows for the support of North Carolina A &T State University’s mission and academic endeavor by offering opportunities and collective growth to students who live on campus.  We believe that students learn and grow in many ways during the college experience.   We exist to facilitate the personal and academic growth by providing:

  1. Reasonable priced living learning environments that are clean, well maintained, secure and comfortable surroundings which are conducive to the pursuit of academic excellence.
  2. Programs and services that promote academic excellence and assist with retention efforts.
  3. A climate that celebrates diversity by bringing students together in a Living learning community where differences are respected and where the common goal is learning.
  4. An atmosphere of civility, where self-responsibility and mutual respect are not only encouraged, but expected.
  5. An opportunity for student development hiring student staffs that are committed to the education and development of their peers and themselves.
  6. Educational and social programming that enriches the overall student experience.
  7. Challenges for students to improve interpersonal relationship skills, live peacefully, and to interact with others.