Housing and Residence Life Staff

Executive Office (336) 285-4312 ~ Fax: 336-256-2498

Linda D. Inman - Executive Director, Housing and Residence Life
Email: ldinman@ncat.edu

Amard Nichols - Executive Assistant, Housing and Residence Life
Email: arnichol@ncat.edu

Housing and Residence Life Administrative Business Services (336)334-7708

Elfrida Mensah - Associate Director, Housing Business Services
Email: elfridam@ncat.edu

Dorothy Siler - Assistant Director, Housing Business Services

Aggie Enhancement and Enrichment Program for Residence Life (336)334-7708

Antoinette B. Candia-Bailey - Associate Director, Aggie Enhancement and Enrichment Program
Email: abcandia@ncat.edu

Housing Assignments (336) 334-7708

Jermaine Foye - Assignment Coordinator
Email: jrfoye@ncat.edu

Lasherrie Richardson - Administrative Coordinator 
Email: lrichard@ncat.edu

Garion Mangum - Assignment Coordinator
Email: gjmangum@ncat.edu

Housing and Residence Life Facilities (336)334-7708

Frederick Stocks - Assistant Director, Housing Facilities
Email: stocksf@ncat.edu

Lloyd Duffus - Housing Property Manager
Email: ljduffus@ncat.edu

Housing Student Behavior and Conference Services (336)334-7708

Vanessa Woodard - Associate Director, Housing Student Behavior and Conference Services
Email: woodardv@ncat.edu

Nakia Byles - Conference Coordinator
Email: nbyles@ncat.edu

Residence Life (336)334-7708

Cassandra Bradley - Assistant Director, Residence Life
Email: cbradle1@ncat.edu

East Campus

Claudette Drake - Area Coordinator East Campus
Aggie Suites F Hall Director    Email: cndrake@ncat.edu | Phone: 336-256-2182

Stacy J. Horton - Hall Director, Pride Hall
Email: shorton1@ncat.edu | Phone: 336-332-8595

Jonathan Smith - Hall Director, Aggie Suites E/ Aggie Terrace
Email: jdsmith2@ncat.edu | Phone: 336-256-2183

South Campus

Janice Ray - South Campus Area Coordinator
Email: jray@ncat.edu | Barbee Hall Director   Email: jray@ncat.edu  Phone: 336-285-4327/ 336-334-7591  

Latanya Miller - Hall Director, Curtis/ Holland Hall
Email: lmiller@ncat.edu| Phone: 336-334-7554/ 334-7670

Isaiah Foote - Hall Director, Morrow Hall/ Morrison Hall
Email: cjfoote@aggies.ncat.edu  Phone: 336-334-7778

Shyla Hairston- Hall Director, Vanstory Hall
Email: smhairs1@ncat.edu  Phone: 336-334-7713

North Campus

Kellie Dixon - North Campus Area Coordinator
Email: kmdixon@ncat.edu | Phone: 336-285-4333

Trevor Hamm - Hall Director, Haley Hall
Email:tjhamm@ncat.edu  | Phone: 336-334-7877

Elizabeth Cooper - Hall Director, Richmond and McCain (Village 1 and Village 3) 
Email: ekcooper@ncat.edu | Phone: 336-285-4949

William Smith - Hall Director, Cooper Hall
Email: wlsmith1@ncat.edu | Phone: 336-334-7919