Readings in undergraduate research

Adding an Integrated Library Component to an Undergraduate Research Methods Course

JK Gilbert, K Knutson… - PS: Political Science & Politics, 2012

Abstract As undergraduate students increasingly rely on the Internet as their primary method
for gathering sources, they often overlook the rich and varied resources available to them in
library collections. Furthermore, students often lack the sophistication to effectively seek ...

The Importance of Search as Intertextual Practice for Undergraduate Research

BB Bodemer - College & Research Libraries, 2011
The Importance of Search as Intertextual Practice for Undergraduate Research. ... This conclusion
has large implications for information literacy instructional design, and several practical
applications to further support undergraduate research-writing are outlined. ...

Promoting doctoral students' research self-efficacy: combining academic guidance with autonomy support

NC Overall, KL Deane… - 2011
... A handbook for doctoral supervisors , New York: Routledge. View all references; Wisker,
200531. Wisker, G. 2005. The good supervisor: Supervising postgraduate and undergraduate
research for doctoral theses and dissertations , New York: Palgrave. View all references). ...

[PDF] Sowing the seeds of change: students taking the lead in chemical education research projects

EM Page - New Directions, 2011
... Indeed some of the students‟ work helped to support NMR‟ s successful application for a
University of Birmingham Teaching Fellowship in 2006. The success of the undergraduate
research projects also paved the way for the School‟ s first MPhil in Chemical Education. ...

An analysis of scientific self-efficacy as a benefit of summer research participation for underrepresented minorities in science, technology, engineering, and …

FD Carter - 2012
... Studies of collegiate interventions designed to broaden participation in STEM fields suggest that
participation in undergraduate research is a key program component that enhances such student
outcomes as undergraduate GPA, graduation, persistence in a STEM major, and ...

What Experiences Help Students Become Scientists?: A Comparative Study of Research and Other Sources of Personal and Professional Gains for STEM …

H Thiry, AB Hunter… - The Journal of Higher Education, 2011
... fostered many intellectual, personal, and professional gains. Undergraduate research,
in particular, helped to shape science identities and socialize students into the scientific
profession. The findings suggest that participation in ...

Etiquette for engineers: Tips for getting a great letter of recommendation

R Candler - Potentials, IEEE, 2011
... The only way to find out is to ask. Undergraduate research is very often unpaid, and you will need
to dedicate real time (eight to ten hours per week) if you want to get anything worthwhile from
it. If you are able to get a research project in a lab, work hard and produce results. ...

[PDF] The Challenges of Multidisciplinary Education in Computer Science

FS Roberts - Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 2011
... Virtually 100% of our REU students go on to graduate school, many point to the undergraduate
research ex- perience as having influenced them to do so, and many build on their
multidisciplinary projects as undergra- duates to do multidisciplinary work for their Masters or ...

[PDF] Factors Affecting Persistence of Undergraduate Students in a Fisheries and Wildlife Program: Transfer Students

BHK Wolter, KF Millenbah, RA Montgomery… - Journal of Natural …, 2011
... Other important characteristics of program selection for transfer students included an ability to
be engaged in hands-on activities (eg, field courses and undergraduate research experiences)
and the desire to engage in a career rather than just a job (ie, students felt passionate ...

Senior Thesis Camp: Partnerships in Practice at the University of Notre Dame

C Smith… - The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 2011
... space and less likely to need library resources. The College of Arts and Letters was
a good target because it had made undergraduate research a primary goal for the
coming school years. One of the three major goals listed ...

Engaging Women in Computer Science and Engineering: Promising Practices for Promoting Gender Equity in Undergraduate Research Experiences

KA Kim, AJ Fann… - ACM Transactions on Computing Education ( …, 2011
Building on research that identifies and addresses issues of women's underrepresentation in
computing, this article describes promising practices in undergraduate research experiences
that promote women's long-term interest in computer science and engineering. ...

Student Performance in Research Methods Classes: Assessing the Predictive Validity of the DRAMA Scale

RC Meldrum… - 2011
... The undergraduate research methods course is an essential component of
criminology and criminal justice programs. It provides students with an
understanding of the processes that form the foundation on which many ...

[PDF] Dissertation 101: A Research and Writing Intervention for Education Graduate Students

A Switzer… - Education Libraries, 2011
... Literature Review While higher education in the United States emphasizes writing within the
undergraduate curriculum and institutional support for the undergraduate research writer, the
needs of graduate dissertation writers often go unmet and largely remain undocumented in ...

[PDF] Classroom-Based Science Research at the Introductory Level: Changes in Career Choices and Attitude

M Harrison, D Dunbar, L Ratmansky, K Boyd… - CBE—Life Sciences …, 2011
... 2004; Lopatto, 2004, 2007). Researchers have noted that most studies of
undergraduate research experiences focus on upper-level students, who are a
self-selected population already interested in research. In contrast, the ...

[HTML] Embedding Undergraduate Research Publication in the Student Learning Experience

H Walkington
This article outlines a gap in the research cycle as experienced by undergraduates and discusses
how engaging with the process of publication, in its broadest sense, can allow students to complete
the research process. The paper argues that learners at all levels can be supported to ...


HS Hendrickson
... I first articulated my ideas in an article published in the Council on Undergraduate Research
Quarterly (Hendrickson, 1995). Here, I expand on that article and add some additional thoughts. ...
Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly 15: 184-186. Holden, C. 1995. ...

[PDF] Evaluation of the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Sites Program

LA Beninson…
Page 1. Council on Undergraduate Research • uarterly Q 43 Introduction ... Page 2.
44 Council on Undergraduate Research • FALL 2011 • Volume 32, Number 1 were
collected from the REU program directors or PIs, and not from the student participants. ...

Entextualized Humor in the Formation of Scientist Identities among US Undergraduates

M BUCHOLTZ, E SKAPOULLI, B BARNWELL… - Anthropology & Education …, 2011
... Students pursued science majors through two different routes: the College of Arts and Sciences,
which relied on traditional large lectures and served high-achieving students through its Honors
Program; and the Special Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR), which ...

An Overview of Trends in Undergraduate Research Practices

J Galbraith - 2012
The resources undergraduates use for research have changed significantly over the past two
decades as the Internet has become the predominant conduit for information. Access to academic
resources has never been easier; undergraduate papers now include more citations, but ...


R Matzen… - The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 2011
SCIENCE FACULTY* Rick Matzen and Rad Alrifai matzen@ nsuok. edu, alrifai@ nsuok. edu
Northeastern State University Tahlequah, OK 74464, USA ABSTRACT What are the ...

[PDF] Engaging Mathematics Students Through Undergraduate Research

L Groen
ABSTRACT Science education has a long history of engaging undergraduate students in
inquiry-based learning. Every undergraduate student studying a scientific discipline has first
hand experience with the application of scientific method and the technology and practice ...

The Cultivation of Research Capability for Undergraduate

Y Li… - Information and Management Engineering, 2011
... Based on the advanced institutes undergraduate's scientific research ability of analyzing the
status, analyzes the importance of undergraduate's research ability and guide college from the
teaching content, teaching way, teaching means and other aspects of reform and ...

[HTML] Mentoring Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Students via a Team Effort

I Karsai, J Knisley, D Knisley, L Yampolsky… - CBE-Life Sciences …, 2011
... Abstract. We describe how a team approach that we developed as a mentoring strategy can be
used to recruit, advance, and guide students to be more interested in the interdisciplinary field
of mathematical biology, and lead to success in undergraduate research in this field. ...

[HTML] Culturally Relevant Inquiry-Based Laboratory Module Implementations in Upper-Division Genetics and Cell Biology Teaching Laboratories

D Siritunga, M Montero-Rojas, K Carrero, G Toro… - CBE-Life Sciences …, 2011
... (1983) was modified to fit 1 h of lab time (see Supplemental Material). An
undergraduate research student and a senior graduate student in the PI's research
laboratory were assigned the task of modifying the protocol. Once ...

Considering the impact of racial stigmas and science identity: Persistence among biomedical and behavioral science aspirants

MJ Chang, MH Lin, S Hurtado… - The Journal of Higher Education, 2011
... Second, institutional structures and normative contexts (eg, peer environments, the culture of
science, undergraduate research programs) are differentiated and can be potent socializing forces
that affect where the student ultimately lands and how the student progresses in his ...

Using Online Data for Student Investigations in Biology and Ecology

NM Trautmann… - 2012
... Using Online Data for Student Investigations in Biology and Ecology ABSTRACT
Undergraduate research experiences are difficult to provide in large classes, institutions
with no lab or field facilities, and distance-learning courses. ...

Enhancing quality learning through experiences of research-based learning: implications for academic development

A Brew… - 2011
... Abstract. Research into undergraduate research and inquiry in Australian universities
was conducted during an Australian Learning and Teaching Council National
Teaching Fellowship. In this paper we share experiences of ...

[DOC] The Effect Undergraduate Research Programs have on Engineering Students' Attitudes toward Graduate Studies

LS Hirsch, A Perna, J Carpinelli…
Few studies have investigated the factors that impact the decisions of undergraduate students
to pursue or not pursue graduate studies, or their attitudes toward graduate studies, which could
be an important factor in undergraduate engineering students' decisions of whether or not ...

“We Do Science Here”: Underrepresented Students' Interactions with Faculty in Different College Contexts

S Hurtado, MK Eagan, MC Tran, CB Newman… - Journal of Social Issues, 2011
... NIH). NIH initiatives, in particular, have provided funds to support undergraduate
research training in institutions that graduate a large number of science
baccalaureates from diverse racial/ethnic and socioeconomic groups. ... 

The role of efficacy and identity in science career commitment among underrepresented minority students

MM Chemers, EL Zurbriggen, M Syed, BK Goza… - Journal of Social Issues, 2011
... In a related survey of high-achieving BUSP alumni, Villarejo, Barlow, Kogan, Veazey, and
Sweeney (2008) found that among those who pursued PhDs in biomedical research, over half
indicated that their experience in undergraduate research was transformative. ...

Developing a STEM talent expansion pipeline in higher education: A work-in-progress

SP Hundley, C Feldhaus, JX Watt, K Marrs… - Technology Management in …, 2011
... Given the RISE-to-the-Challenge emphasis, there is tremendous need to expand capacity for
students to participate in undergraduate research, service learning, and experiential education
in the form of internships, cooperative education, and field-based work. ...

Guiding undergraduate students to collaborate in the design and development of concept cartoon with the support of TINS

MJ Lin… - Communication Software and Networks (ICCSN), 2011 …
... this research. REFERENCES [I] R Patrick and 1 Moles , "Method or madness? The
path to successful undergraduate research.". Teaching & Education Conference
Papers. Paper 1., 2007. 201011118 retrieved from http://www ...

HBCUs Propel African American Male Mathematics Majors

CC Jett - Journal of African American Studies
... participants in their study generally agreed that Spelman College provided them with the support
that they needed to be successful in STEM professions such as peer support, faculty
encouragement and involvement, academic support, and undergraduate research opportunities ...

Promoting Attainment of African American Women in the STEM Fields: Lessons from Historically Black Colleges and Universities

M Gasman… - Women of Color in Higher Education: Changing …, 2011
... Undergraduate Research Opportunities One of the focal points of an education in the STEM
fields at HBCUs is participation in undergraduate research opportunities. Many HBCUs,

Undergraduate Instruction in Empirical Research Methods in Communication: Assessment and Recommendations

MR Parks, M Faw… - Communication Education, 2011
... Undergraduate research methods offerings have grown faster than offerings in
any other area of the communication discipline over the past decade (Bertelsen
& Goodboy, 20093. Bertelsen, DA and Goodboy, AK 2009. ...

Black Men in the STEM fields at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

M Gasman - Beyond Stock Stories and Folktales: African Americans' …, 2011
... education (Zhao & Kuh, 2005). Undergraduate Research Opportunities One of the
highlights of an education in the STEM fields at HBCUs is participation in
undergraduate research opportunities. Many HBCUs, including Hampton ...

Sense of Belonging and African-American Student Success in STEM: Comparative Insights Between Men and Women

TL Strayhorn - Beyond Stock Stories and Folktales: African Americans' …, 2011
... c) frequency of reading or hearing about contributions of minorities in [said] field, (d) percent
minority faculty in department/program, (e) campus climate perceptions (except racism [-]), f)
having a formal mentor, and (g) engagement in undergraduate research experiences. ...

Mentoring Transformed: When Students of Color see Diversity in Leadership

M Peña… - Women of Color in Higher Education: Changing …, 2011
... Formal mentoring experiences have included supervising students in undergraduate research
projects, serving as the faculty advisor to minority student organizations, and participating in the
orientation activities of incoming undergraduate and graduate minority students. ...

Successful PHD Pathways to Advanced STEM Careers for Black Women

JC Rutledge, WY Carter-Veale… - … and Folktales: African Americans' Paths to …, 2011
CAREERS FOR BLACK WOMEN $ Janet C. Rutledge, Wendy Y. Carter-Veale and
Renetta G. Tull OVERVIEW According to national statistics, small ...

[PDF] Renewing the Covenant: Ten Years After the Kellogg Commission

GB Spanier - Journal of Higher Education Outreach and …, 2011
... Last year a survey of members of the Association of American Colleges and Universities found
that, compared with 5 years ago, there is more emphasis on engaged learning, undergraduate
research, and the first-year expe- riences that support the transi- tion to college. ...

Finding fulfillment: women's self-efficacy beliefs and career choices in chemistry

ML Grunert… - Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 2011
... Erica found that participating in undergraduate research immensely increased her confidence
in her ability to be a professor. ... In this sample, participants involved in undergraduate research
had issues that were similar to those expressed by the graduate students. ...

Student experience of final-year undergraduate research projects: an exploration of 'research preparedness'

K Shaw, A Holbrook… - 2011
During this past decade the level of interest in building research capacity has intensified in Australia
and internationally, with a particular emphasis on the development of postgraduate research
students, but also extending to undergraduate research experience. This study ...

Assessment of Problem-Based Learning in the Undergraduate Statistics Course

CP Karpiak - Teaching of Psychology, 2011
... Sample Statistical Topics Addressed With Problems. Participants. On the first day of class in spring
2008, all students (N = 51) in the laboratory for the undergraduate research methods course were
administered an examination. Students were psychology majors. ...

[PDF] Linking Teaching and Research Through Scholarship Projects: A Case Study

N Braber - Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice, 2011
... beyond the immediate participants. A feedback mechanism, including talks and
posters from SPUR students, enables other students to hear about the scheme and
issues relating to undergraduate research. In addition, each ...

[PDF] A Model for Transforming the Undergraduate Learning Experience in Colleges of Agriculture

CM Estepp¹… - NACTA Journal, 2011
... Out-of-class experiential learning could include projects, internships, study abroad, and
undergraduate research opportunities. ... Co-Curricular Activities • Relevant to Instruction •
Real-Life Application • Internships • Projects • Undergraduate Research • Study Abroad ...

[PDF] Developing Expertise: An Apprenticeship Model of Mentoring Undergraduate Research Across Cohorts

JA Nelson…
In a suburban middle-class home in a small town in the southeast, four-year-old Natalie and
her mother are baking cookies together. As her mother sets out the ingredients, Natalie drags
a chair over so she can be at counter level. Natalie watches eagerly as her mother breaks ...

[PDF] Faculty Perceptions of Undergraduate Research

AM Buddie…
Background According to the Council on Undergraduate Research (2009), undergraduate research
is defined as “an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes
an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.” There are many benefits ...

[PDF] The Challenges and Rewards of Community-Based Research and Scholarly Engagement

L Hossfeld, US Wilmington, E O'Donnell…
... for various programs. The most rewarding and challenging aspects of my undergraduate
research experience have involved working with residents in the communities we partner
with and my peers in the practicum. I have established ...

Integrated Laboratories: Laying the Foundation for Undergraduate Research Experiences

DK Dillner, RF Ferrante, JP Fitzgerald… - 2011
Abstract Interest in undergraduate student research has grown in response to initiatives from
various professional societies and educational organizations. Participation in research
changes student attitudes towards courses as they realize the utility and relevance of what ...

[PDF] A Multiple Case Study Exploration of Undergraduate Subject Searching

RY Graham - 2011
... information literacy, respectively. An investigation of undergraduate research behaviour
by Valentine (1993) found ... degree. Page 18. 8 investigated or described various aspects
of undergraduate research behaviours and information literacy ...

Using the Science Writing Heuristic to Improve Undergraduate Writing in Biology

R Cronje, K Murray, S Rohlinger… - 2011

Using the Science Writing Heuristic to Improve Undergraduate Writing in Biology

R Cronje, K Murray, S Rohlinger… - 2011

[PDF] Phylogenomic-Based Case Study: An Undergraduate Research Pedagogy at Kentucky State University, the Only Historically Black College and University in the …

N Rajendran… - Kentucky Journal of Excellence in College Teaching …, 2011
Abstract Currently the undergraduate biology curriculum at 2 and 4-year colleges especially
in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) is undergoing a facelift by
implementing a range of recommendations of committees on education. This has ...

African American Women Chemists

J Brown - 2011
Page 4. This page intentionally left blank Page 5. AFRICAN ...

[PDF] Using Coursework to Enhance Students' Understanding of Research/Scholarship

R Chromik, I Cossette, J Ellis, KM Fallon… - 2011
... Learning (2006). Undergraduate research also will be emphasized in McGill's current
strategic planning process, which takes form as ASAP 2012: Achieving Strategic
Academic Priorities, the next white paper. T Page 6. Using ...

[PDF] The Impacts of Reading and Writing Mathematics with Undergraduate Students

N Hatfield - 2011
Page 1. Running Head: READING, WRITING, AND MATHEMATICS 1 The Impacts
of Reading and Writing Mathematics with Undergraduate Students Neil Hatfield
Northwest Missouri State University Submitted to The Educational ...

Undergraduate research experiences–Are there discipline-driven differences in pedagogies and student outcomes?

PM Myatt, N Van der Burg… - … of the International Society for the …, 2011
Undergraduate research experiences (UREs) have been identified as a form of “high
impact” student learning (Kuh, 2008). Large databases of diverse models for involving
undergraduate students in research across a broad range of disciplines have been ...

Role of Undergraduate Research in an Excellent and Rigorous Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum

TJ Wenzel, CK Larive… - Journal of Chemical Education, 2011
In 2008, the American Chemical Society's (ACS) Committee on Professional Training (CPT)
issued new guidelines for the approval of undergraduate chemistry programs.
Undergraduate research continues to meet the requirements for a portion of laboratory ...

[PDF] Guiding Design: Exposing Librarian and Student Mental Models of Research Guides

C Sinkinson, S Alexander, A Hicks… - portal: Libraries and the Academy, 2012
Page 1. Caroline Sinkinson, Stephanie Alexander, Alison Hicks, Meredith Kahn 63 portal:
Libraries and the Academy, Vol. 12, No. 1 (2012), pp. 63–84. Copyright © 2012 by The Johns
Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD 21218. Guiding Design: Exposing ...

The Impact of Undergraduate Debt on the Graduate School Enrollment of STEM Baccalaureates

AC Dowd… - The Review of Higher Education, 2011
... If a large [End Page 294] proportion of heavy borrowers graduate from more selective institutions
or attend institutions at which there are graduate programs and a culture of research coupled
with undergraduate research opportunities, the insignificant relationship may indicate ...

Institutional and Individual Factors Affecting Identity among Minority and Female Science Students

JW Hays - 2011
... Using an Identity Theory framework, individual (race, gender, cognitive activity, educational status)
and institutional factors (mentoring, commitment, undergraduate research opportunities) that
contribute to the development of the scientist identity (identity salience and ...


J Romagni, JCG Galindo, M Colvin… - ICERI2011 Proceedings, 2011
The practice of introducing undergraduates in the Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics (STEM) disciplines to research activities has been a common practice in the
United States, since the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, invited all of its ...

[HTML] The CREATE Approach to Primary Literature Shifts Undergraduates' Self-Assessed Ability to Read and Analyze Journal Articles, Attitudes about Science, and …

SG Hoskins, D Lopatto… - CBE-Life Sciences Education, 2011
... becoming and being a scientist. Currently, undergraduate research experiences
(UREs) are considered to be one of the most important mechanisms for stimulating
students' interest in science careers. The effects of UREs have ...


JW Hays - 2011

[PDF] The Glass Obstacle Course: Informal and Formal Barriers For Women Ph. D. Students in STEM Fields

K De Welde… - International Journal of Gender, Science and …, 2011
... activities. Many women described supportive teachers from early childhood through
college, especially in undergraduate research experiences, and generally did not
describe negative, gendered aspects of their K-16 schooling. ...

Conducting Nursing Research With Undergraduate Students: A Collaborative, Participatory Approach

P Klemm - Nurse Educator, 2012
... 1-3 Vessey and DeMarco 2 described an undergraduate research fellows program designed
to promote student participation in research. ... Cited Here... 2. Vessey J, DeMarco R. The
undergraduate research fellows program: a unique model to promote engagement in research. ...

Expanding Opportunities for Undergraduate Research in English Studies

J Kinkead… - Profession, 2011
The authors take up the call from the MLA's Report to the Teagle Foundation on the
Undergraduate Major in Language and Literature “to engage students with faculty scholarly
interests and the issues and arguments debated in the discipline” and make ...

Promoting minority success in the sciences: The minority opportunities in research programs at CSULA

S Slovacek, J Whittinghill, L Flenoury… - Journal of Research in Science …, 2011
in the Sciences: The Minority Opportunities in Research Programs at CSULA Simeon
Slovacek, Jonathan Whittinghill, Laura Flenoury, and David Wiseman ...

The dimensions of research in undergraduate learning

SB Ozay - 2011
... A practicable framework on the nature of undergraduate research is adopted to
describe the ways in which research can be integrated in undergraduate education
to benefit student learning. The overall purpose of this article ...

Introducing Students to Cancer Prevention Careers through Programmed Summer Research Experiences

C Cameron, CL Collie… - Journal of Cancer Education, 2011
... used. Implications for use in training program de- velopment are discussed. Keywords
Research experience . Cancer education . Undergraduate research . Cancer
prevention training . Cancer prevention careers Introduction ...


BK Saville… - New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 2011
... In Study 2, the researchers alternated several times between interteaching and lecture
in two sections of an undergraduate research methods course, equally alternating
(counterbalancing) the order of presentation across sections. ...

Action Research as a Strategy for Teaching an Undergraduate Research Course.

R Rodriguez - The Journal of nursing education, 2011
Action research is rarely, if ever, referred to in the textbooks used in undergraduate nursing
programs. While redesigning a 2009-2010 research course for junior-level baccalaureate
nursing students, the action research strategy was used to conduct a semester-long ...

The Research Encounter: An Innovative Course Inclusion that Facilitates Student Engagement

HL Naug, NJ Colson… - Innovative Higher Education, 2011
... Journal of Higher Education, 79(5), 540–563. Lopatto, D. (2007). Undergraduate research
experiences support science career decisions and active learning. CBE Life Sciences
Education, 6, 297–306. Michaelsen, LK, & Sweet, M. (2008). ...

[HTML] Creating and Hosting Student-Run Research Journals: A Case Study

AK Ho - Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and …, 2011
... As shown by the list of undergraduate journals posted on the Web site of the Council on
Undergraduate Research, this approach has been adopted by dozens of universities in the US,
and some of the journals have been in existence for more than a decade. ...

Program evaluation for a summer science internship: Short and long term benefits as reported by interns

E Cantu - 2011
Undergraduate research programs have been used as a tool to attract and retain student
interest in science careers. ... Abstract. Undergraduate research programs have been used
as a tool to attract and retain student interest in science careers. ...

Emerald Book Chapter: Chapter 4 Promoting Attainment of African American Women in the STEM Fields: Lessons from Historically Black Colleges and Universities

M Gasman… - 2011
... Undergraduate Research Opportunities One of the focal points of an education in the STEM
fields at HBCUs is participation in undergraduate research opportunities. Many HBCUs,

Emerald Book Chapter: Chapter 6 Black Men in the STEM fields at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

M Gasman - 2011
... education (Zhao & Kuh, 2005). Undergraduate Research Opportunities One of the
highlights of an education in the STEM fields at HBCUs is participation in
undergraduate research opportunities. Many HBCUs, including Hampton ...

Emerald Book Chapter: Chapter 3 African American Males in the Meyerhoff Scholars Program: Outcomes and Processes

KI Maton, FA Hrabowski… - 2011
Page 1. Emerald Book Chapter: Chapter 3 African American Males in the Meyerhoff
Scholars Program: Outcomes and Processes Kenneth I. Maton, Freeman A. Hrabowski,
Shauna A. Pollard Article information: To cite this article ...

Major selection and persistence for women in STEM

CA Shapiro… - New Directions for Institutional Research, 2011
... Kim, K., Fann, A., and Misa-Escalante, K. “Engaging Women in Computer Science and
Engineering: Insights from a National Study of Undergraduate Research Experiences.”
Los Angeles: Center for Embedded Network Sensing, 2009. ...

[PDF] A Strategy for Involving Undergraduates in Research

DL Rogers, PL Kranz… - 2011

... Institution (HSI) Undergraduate Research Experiences Involving ... Santiago, Page 3. Rogers
et al. 3 2011). In such situations, taking advantage of traditional undergraduate research
opportunities may be difficult or unrealistic. One alternative ...

Facilitating Interdisciplinary Learning: Lessons from Project Kaleidoscope

A Kezar… - Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, 2012

... Biology Self-Efficacy Scale. Science Literacy Scale. Self-Determination Scale. Views
about Science Survey (VASS). Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE).
Classroom Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE ...

Prepared and Progressing: Black Women in Physics

S Fries-Britt… - 2012

... their students. Specifically, faculty promoted collaboration in their classes, extended
opportunities for their students to engage in undergraduate research, and verbally
reinforced students' career aspirations in STEM. At Spelman ...

Differential Gender Outcomes of Career Exploration Sessions for African American Undergraduates: An Examination of a Computing Science Outreach Effort at …

JFL Jackson… - 2012

... The majority of this student sample was from low income, single head of households and
middle-income households. Approximately 60% of these participants were involved in
extracurricular activities emphasizing computing sciences or undergraduate research programs. ...

Developing cross disciplinary skills through an undergraduate research project

J Mehlhorn, J Roberts, A Cain… - 2012

Undergraduate students can benefit from a research experience with a faculty mentor.
Students perceived the research project and faculty mentorship as more beneficial than
directed coursework. Mentoring is key to enhancing undergraduate research experiences, ...

Academic factors that affect undergraduate research experiences

R Taraban… - 2012

Abstract 1. Undergraduate research experiences are considered an essential component in
college curricula, and there is an ideological push to provide these experiences to all
students. However, it is not clear whether engagement in research is better suited for ...

Integrating Advanced Writing Content into an Undergraduate Nursing Research Course

ACS Birkhead, RN Katreena Merrill PhD… - 2012

... interest. The oral assignment was a ten-minute presentation of their literature review.
Results: Initially, students wondered why written/oral communication content was
part of an undergraduate research course. However, as ...

Technology-mediated supervision of undergraduate students' dissertations

J Jaldemark… - 2012

... According to MacKeogh (2006)28. MacKeogh, K. 2006. “Supervising undergraduate research
using online and peer supervision”. ... View all references, what is written on various aspects of
undergraduate research dissertations largely focuses on on-campus studies. ...

Student Writing in the Quantitative Disciplines: A Guide for College Faculty

P Bahls - 2012

Page 1. Student Writing in the Quantitative Disciplines A Guide for College Faculty Page
2. Student Writing in the Quantitative Disciplines A Guide for College Faculty Page 3. Page
4. Student Writing in the Quantitative Disciplines Page 5. Page 6. ...

A Rubric for Assessing Students' Experimental Problem-Solving Ability

SE Shadle, EC Brown, MH Towns… - Journal of Chemical Education, 2012

... Additionally, between the middle of the Junior year (which is when the assessment is administered)
and the end of the Senior year, students will have completed at least two additional upper-division
lab courses and at least two semesters of undergraduate research. ...

[HTML] What's Wrong with the Completion Agenda—And What We Can Do About It

D Humphreys - Liberal Education, 2012

... High-impact practices such as first-year seminars, learning communities, undergraduate research,
service learning, and capstone courses appear to increase retention rates, graduation rates,
and the achievement of important learning outcomes (Kuh 2008; Brownell and ...

Twelve tips to teaching (legal and ethical aspects of) research ethics/responsible conduct of research

L Bowater… - Medical Teacher, 2012

Connecting expectations and experiences of students in a research-immersive degree

A Wilson, S Howitt, P Roberts, G Åkerlind… - 2012

... Becoming a scientist: The role of undergraduate research in students' cognitive, personal and
professional development. Science Education , 91(1): 36–74. ... Evaluation of an undergraduate
research experience: Perceptions of undergraduate interns and their faculty mentors. ...

Students as Scholars: Integrating Independent Research into Undergraduate Education

S Portillo, DS Rudes, LB Sloas, K Hutzell… - 2012

... as scholars, integrating independent scholarly experiences into traditional undergraduate
classroom environments (see, eg George Mason University's Students as Scholars Quality
Enhancement Plan; Boston University's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program ...

'It's About People and Their Environment': Student Social Workers' Definitions of Social Work Research

A Gibbs… - 2012

... of the specific research course being taught. The undergraduate research course
at Otago, which is the subject of this article, is taught in the second or third year and
lasts for one full semester. The main focus of the course is ...

[PDF] How Does Applied Learning Fare Under the Scrutiny of Program Review?

EJ KEMPF, ROY SCHWARTZMAN, E WILSON… - Journal of Applied …, 2011

... other fields. Administrative units such as an International Programs Center,
Service-Learning Office, Undergraduate Research Office, or similarly designated
entities may serve as focal points of applied learning practices. An ...

Embedding undergraduate research experiences within the curriculum: a cross-disciplinary study of the key characteristics guiding implementation

K Zimbardi… - 2012

Abstract Undergraduate research experiences provide students with opportunities to
engage in high-impact experiential learning. Although prevalent in the sciences, there are
now extensive banks of case studies demonstrating the use of undergraduate research as ...

[PDF] A Summer Leadership Development Program for Chemical Engineering Students

AE Simpson, GJ Evans… - Volume 11, Number 1–Winter 2012, 2012

... and workshops. This article discusses the Summer Leadership Program, a 14-week
leadership development series for undergraduate research students in the
Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry. An ...

What You Get When You Give: How Graduate Students Benefit from Serving as Mentors

RJ Reddick, KA Griffin, RA Cherwitz… - The Journal of Faculty …, 2012

... Dolan and Johnson's (2009) study of the outcomes of 11 science graduate student and
postdoctoral mentors participating in an undergraduate research program shows mentors perceive
development gains for their protégés and themselves when mentoring undergraduates. ...

[PDF] Assessing the Undergraduate Business Research Paper: The Capstone Course in Economics Revisited


... and oral communication. Finally, the paper examines the impact of using rubrics
and an online assessment tool called LiveText, as well as an undergraduate research
colloquium as a communication platform. The importance ...

[PDF] Aligning Research Experiences and Student Goals: Tales form Industry and Academia

M Sahami

... students… – …who need less of our time. • Summer Undergraduate Research Survey (SURE)
“Learning gains correlates directly with the evaluation of ... “Science in solution: The impact of
undergraduate Research on Student Learning”, Peer Review 8(1): 22-25. ...

The Role of Institutional Research in a High Profile Study of Undergraduate Research

KL Webber - Research in Higher Education, 2012

Abstract Armed with a strong toolkit of knowledge and skills, institutional research (IR)
professionals often serve as collaborators with campus colleagues who may need
assistance with survey design, statistical analysis, program review, and assessment of ...

[PDF] Developing Supportive STEM Community College to Four-Year College and University Transfer Ecosystems

AC Dowd, S Levonisova, R Rall, C Santiago… - 2011

... leaving” STEM (Strenta, et al., 1994) and the literature on the supports needed for successful
transfer suggest that undergraduate research and summer or supplementary bridge programs
involving contextualized and active learning are of particular importance. ...

HTML] Advancing Science Instruction on a Rural Campus

A Brilliant

... are answered. To produce the science experience on our small campus, I have
generated numerous undergraduate research projects and have several IRB and
IACUC approvals on record to perform student research. These ...

[HTML] " It was in the Computer": Balancing Learning and Research for First Year Students (and Others)

R Hunt - Atlantic Universities' Teaching Showcase 2003: …

... Later in the process, they will construct their own report on one of these incidents, using standard
resources for research, but with the difference from the usual ways in which undergraduate
research is done that they have regular group meetings in which they exchange ...

[HTML] Differences Between Faculty and Undergraduates' Perceptions of the Research Process

H Jankiewicz

... What we see here strains one of the principal assumptions of the undergraduate research writing
course, which is that it is modeled, however embryonically, on the conduct of professional inquiry,
and occupies a place on the continuum between the high school research report ...

Hierarchical Mentoring: A Transformative Strategy for Improving Diversity and Retention in Undergraduate STEM Disciplines

ZS Wilson, L Holmes, K deGravelles, MR Sylvain… - Journal of science …, 2012

... Mots-clés d'auteur / Author Keywords. Underrepresented. ; Retention. ; Mentoring. ; Undergraduate
research. ; STEM. ; Graduation rate. ; Localisation / Location. 35400061044765.0014 Springer
Science+Business Media, LLC, 2012. Nº notice refdoc (ud4) : 25389680. ...

[HTML] Writing-to-Learn in Undergraduate Science Education: A Community-Based, Conceptually Driven Approach

JA Reynolds, C Thaiss, W Katkin… - CBE-Life Sciences Education, 2012

... Bradley DB. . Developing research questions through grant proposal development. Educ Gerontol
2001;27:569-581. CrossRef. Bressette AR,; Breton GW. . Using writing to enhance the
undergraduate research experience. J Chem Educ 2001;78(12):1626-1627. ...

[HTML] The Utility of Writing Assignments in Undergraduate Bioscience

J Libarkin… - CBE-Life Sciences Education, 2012

[HTML] Using Science Songs to Enhance Learning: An Interdisciplinary Approach

G Crowther - CBE-Life Sciences Education, 2012

[HTML] Using Student Learning and Development Outcomes to Evaluate a First-Year Undergraduate Group Video Project

M Jensen, A Mattheis… - CBE-Life Sciences Education, 2012

Exploring the potential for using inexpensive natural reagents extracted from plants to teach chemical analysis

SK Hartwell - Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 2012

... sample, for example. Finding the proper means of storage of the extract for further
use, to improve stability and shelf life, can be a way to draw in more topics to cover
in the undergraduate research project. Different methods ...

Engaging undergraduates in discipline-based research

H Gauder… - Reference Services Review, 2012

... of Northern Colorado. The courses are discipline-specific sections of a general
information literacy course, LIB 150 Introduction to Undergraduate Research, which
tailors content and approach to the discipline. While the authors ...

Marymount University: Inquiry‐guided learning as a catalyst for change

C Oxenford, L Summerfield… - New Directions for Teaching and …, 2012

... that assesses required inquiry components. Undergraduate Research Center. The
DISCOVER program has expanded extracurricular undergraduate research
opportunities for students in several ways. A summer program for ...

The power of inquiry as a way of learning in undergraduate education at a large research university

DA Fowler, PR Matthews, JF Schielack, RC Webb… - New Directions for …, 2012

... Further, a subcommittee of the task force focusing on undergraduate research noted that, in their
view, expanding the research education and research opportunities for our undergraduates
represents a “natural” way of achieving the aforementioned outcomes most effectively. ...

Inquiry‐guided learning in New Zealand: From an appetizer to an entrée

B O'Steen… - New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 2012

... Our definition is thus akin to Beckman and Hensel's (2009) definition for undergraduate research,
with an important caveat: in IGL the approach should be student centered, which is not always
the case for undergraduate research (Spronken-Smith, 2010). ...

[PDF] Institutionalization of community-engaged scholarship at institutions that are both land-grant and research universities

AJ Jaeger, JK Jameson… - Journal of Higher Education Outreach and …, 2012

... Participants received financial support for these projects, including a $500 stipend
and the opportunity to have students apply for $1,000 undergraduate research awards
(funded by NC State's Office of Undergraduate Research). ...

Developing inquiry‐guided learning in a research university in the United Kingdom

P Levy - New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 2012

... Buckingham, United Kingdom: Society for Research into Higher Education and Open University
Press, 2005. Healey, M., and A. Jenkins. Developing Undergraduate Research and Inquiry. York,
United Kingdom: Higher Education Academy, 2009. Justice, C., and others. ...

[PDF] Meeting Undergraduate Students' Expectations of the University Experience: How Enrollment Managers Can Secure Students' Loyalties

BJ Shaver - 2012

SAN MARCOS Meeting Undergraduate Students' Expectations of the University Experience:
How Enrollment Managers Can Secure Students' Loyalties ...

Developing and embedding inquiry‐guided learning across an institution

M Jenkins… - New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 2012

... Education.” Journal of Geography, 2000, 99, 185–195. Healey, M., and A. Jenkins.
Developing Undergraduate Research and Inquiry. York, United Kingdom: Higher
Education Academy, 2009. Retrieved April 3, 2011, from http://www ...


G BREWER - UCLan Journal of Pedagogic Research, 2012

The inter-relationship between teaching and research is one of the defining features of
Higher Education and the demand for the integration of teaching and research has
increased further in recent years. Engagement with undergraduate research benefits both ...

The Personal is Historical: Oral History and Undergraduate Research Papers

J Helgren - MountainRise, 2012

Abstract This essay shares how oral history enables students to personally identify with and
find enhanced meaning in historical research. Students in two gender and ethnic studies
history classes conduct interviews of family and community members, and contextualize ...

[PDF] Honours service-learning & civic responsibility

T Stewart - The International Journal of the First Year in Higher …, 2012

... Although service-learning's flexibility of design and instructor-student collaboration philosophy
parallel those of first-year experience (FYE) programs (eg, living-learning residential life programs,
undergraduate research mentor programs), FYE and service-learning programs ...

Using assignment data to analyze a blended information literacy intervention: A quantitative approach

G Walton… - Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 2012

Page 1. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 0(0) 1 –11 © The
Author(s) 2012 Reprints and permission: sagepub.
DOI: 10.1177/0961000611434999 Introduction The ...

[PDF] Mentoring Perceptions and Experiences of Minority Students Participating in Summer Research Opportunity Programs

M Glenn, LT Esters, IN West Lafayette, MS Retallick… - NACTA Journal, 2012

... Introduction A major component of many Summer Research Opportunity Programs (SROPs)
is the role of mentors (Gaffney, 1995; Kinkead, 2003). Under the guidance of a mentor,
undergraduate research is seen as a scholarly activity that helps to promote scientific ...

[PDF] IEEE Engineering Education 2011: Learning Environments and Ecosystems in Engineering Education

OS Sponsors

... Area 4: Innovative Materials, Teaching and Learning Experiences in Engineering Education
Laboratory Experiences: on-site and remote environments ● Undergraduate Research
Experiences Design Experiences ● Innovative Engineering Courses and Labs ● Digital Game ...

[PDF] An innovative approach in supervising undergraduate projects within dietetics and human nutrition courses

F Amirabdollahian… - Innovative Practice in Higher Education, 2012

... Abstract We are writing to report an innovative approach that we have adopted for supervising
undergraduate research projects within the BSc Nutrition and Dietetics programmes, and
to suggest this approach to other colleagues in this discipline. ...

[PDF] Undergraduate Research and Professional Societies: Partners in Increasing STEM Diversity

ML Matyas, ME Lowy… - 2012

Ongoing efforts to increase the representation of underrepresented groups in STEM
(science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields have resulted in small but
significant gains in increasing diversity among researchers and science educators. Yet ...

Community college–research university collaboration: Emerging student research and transfer partnerships

LA Phelps… - New Directions for Community Colleges, 2012

... Kuh's analysis of high-impact educational practices in colleges and universities
identifies “undergraduate research” experiences as a key factor influencing student
engagement and retention (2008). Using National Surveys ...

Teaching-oriented faculty and computing education research

R Lister - ACM Inroads, 2012

... At UBC, TOF have published computer science education research in SIGCSE and similar venues.
They also supervise many undergraduate research assistants and sometimes co-supervise
graduate students in both CS education and more traditional CS research. ...

The Impact of Focused Degree Projects in Chemical Engineering Education on Students' Research Performance, Retention, and Efficacy

G Ragusa, CT Lee - Education for Chemical Engineers, 2012

... Keywords. engineering education; degree projects; project based; undergraduate research.
Figures and tables from this article: Fig. 1. Freshman vs. Senior Performance on Lab Rubrics.
View Within Article. Fig. 2. Freshman vs. Senior Trends in Multidisciplinary Experiences. ...

Implementing ePortfolios for the Assessment of General Education Competencies

G Ring… - International Journal, 2012

... Formative feedback. Creative Inquiry (undergraduate research) groups are utilized for the formative
feedback of ePortfolio artifacts. Each competency area has a Creative Inquiry (CI) team associated
with it, comprised of a faculty facilitator and up to ten students. ...

[PDF] Getting involved in research: a guide for inspired undergraduates

CR Madan… - Eureka, 2012

... The reason of telling you about my story is hoping to demonstrate to you that you could also
benefit from undergraduate research as well. Involved in undergraduate research is not as
difficult as you may have imagined. Find your interest, find you passion. ...

The Influence of Proactive Personality and Coping on Commitment to STEM Majors

DA Major, JM Holland… - The Career Development Quarterly, 2012

... Hunter, A., Laursen, S., & Seymour, E. (2007). Becoming a scientist: The role of
undergraduate research in students' cognitive, personal, and professional
development. Science Education, 91, 3674. doi:10.1002sce.20173. ...

[PDF] A Link To The Future: A Pilot Study Look At How HBCUs With Journalism And Mass Communications Units Use The Internet In …

II Crawford - Contemporary Issues in Education Research (CIER), 2012

... Poock, 2006). What is interesting is that undergraduate research shows the same
results as those of graduate students. Additionally, Hoeflich (2002) surveyed new
graduate students at a major research university. A consistent ...

Faculty Practice: Is It Scholarly Activity?

C Bosold… - Journal of Professional Nursing, 2012

... include original research, creative production and theory/method development, integrated
scholarship, preparation of grant proposals, development of courses, continuing education,
conducting workshops, supervision of graduate and undergraduate research projects, and ...

[PDF] Increasing the need of faculty of color in higher education and understanding mentorships between faculty of color and underrepresented minority students

R Jas - 2012

... Mentorship 74 Undergraduate Research Partnership Program (URPP) Affects on UMS....76
Summary 81 ... research relationship where students assist faculty of color with their ongoing
research and creative activity through an institutionalized undergraduate research program. ...

When Academics integrate research skill development in the curriculum

JW Willison - 2012

... Hathaway, R., Nagda, B. and Gregerman, S. 2002. The relationship of undergraduate research
participation to graduate and professional education pursuit: An empirical study. ... Does early
participation in undergraduate research benefit social science and humanities students?. ...

[PDF] Attendance and Achievement in Problem-based Learning: The Value of Scaffolding

M Smith… - Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning, 2012

Page 1. Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning Volume 6 | Issue 1
Article 8 3-27-2012 Attendance and Achievement in Problem-based Learning: The
Value of Scaffolding Mike Smith Kathryn Cook This document ...

[PDF] Adventures in Assessment: How to Evaluate a New Integrated Quantitative Biology Program

A Govett, HAM III, D Moore, E Seier, KH Joplin…

... more traditional curriculum. Several longitudinal studies will follow the SYMBIOSIS
students with respect to success in upper level courses, participation in undergraduate
research projects (including Page 4. 4 presentations at ...

Broadening Participation in the American STEM Workforce

FA Hrabowski III - BioScience, 2012

... in the initial discussion about minority student achievement—laying the foundation for the creation
of the Meyerhoff Scholars Program (—played crucial roles in attracting
external grants to support the success of students in undergraduate research. ...

[PDF] Employer involvement in undergraduate projects: staff and student perspectives

A Nyamapfene… - 2012

... International Journal of Engineering Education, Volume 17, no. 4&5, pp. 400-405. Page 6.
O'Sullivan, AD and Cochrane, TA (2009) Preparing Better Engineers: Compulsory
Undergraduate Research Projects that Benefit Universities and the Profession. ...

Importance of Research Article

M Crowe

... Undergraduate Research. By ... measured. Nonetheless prior work has shown that
students who are involved in undergraduate research: 1) gain self-confidence (Ferrari
and Jason 1996, Campbell and Skoog 2004, Houlden et al. ...

Faculty as undergraduate research mentors for students of color: Taking into account the costs

J Schwartz - Science Education, 2012

Abstract This article is based on the findings of a 2-year study that examined the nature of
effective faculty/student undergraduate research (UR) science, technology, engineering, and
mathematics (STEM) relationships. The study site was a large urban public college where ...


S Austin, D Skeete… - INTED2012 Proceedings, 2012

... This paper describes this project and its impact on student retention rates. The project is
supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) S-STEM award as well as supporting
grants and initiatives for undergraduate research experiences. ...

Involving undergraduate computer science students in the support of academic research: a project report

S Sigman, B Callen, C Allen, D Deeds… - Journal of Computing Sciences in …, 2012

... Raicu's and Furst's undergraduate model for REU research [6], Huenerfauth's summer research
project for deaf high school and undergraduate students [3], and Way's virtual laboratory model
for undergraduate research [7]. While interdisciplinary research opportunities for ...

[PDF] Integrating Interdisciplinary Research-based Experiences in Biotechnology Laboratories

RS Iyer, ME Wales - 2012

... Undergraduate research experiences (REU) help to address both these objectives. ... “Assessing
the Impact of Undergraduate-Research Experiences on Students: An Overview of Current
Literature.” Council on Undergraduate Research 28 (2008): 43–50. ...

Engaging students in research: benefits, lessons learned and recommendations

J Jackson… - Proceedings of the 50th Annual Southeast Regional …, 2012

... Fostering Excellence and Enhancing the Impact, M. Boyd, J. Wesemann, Eds. Council on
Undergraduate Research, Washington, DC, 219-222. [4] Osborn, J., Karukstis, K. 2009. The
Benefits of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity. ...

Chemical Research with Undergraduate Collaborators: Building Cyclic Polymers

E Tillman - 2012

Undergraduate research in chemistry provides not only a meaningful experience for the students,
but is essential in getting research done. ... Undergraduate research in chemistry provides not only
a meaningful experience for the students, but is essential in getting research done. ...


F Attarzadeh… - 2012 ASEE Gulf Southwest Annual Conference, 2012

... Other assessments include progress reports, pre-proposal, final proposal, interim report, final
report, presentations, participation in activities such as mentoring lower class students,
undergraduate research day, and engagement in scholarship efforts such as submitting papers ...

Making Advanced Computer Science Topics More Accessible through Interactive Technologies

K Shao… - Interactive Technology and Smart Education, 2012

... dynamic network performance analysis • A data structures animation visualizer, developed by
students as a research project, to enhance understanding of advanced data structure design
and manipulation • Wiki PBworks for conducting collaborative undergraduate research ...

Teaching Research to MSW Students: Effectiveness of the Team-based Learning Pedagogy

C Macke… - Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 2012

... Secret, M., Ford, J. and Rompf, EL 2003. Undergraduate research courses: A closer look reveals
complex social work student attitudes. ... Secret, M., Ford, J. and Rompf, EL 2003. Undergraduate
research courses: A closer look reveals complex social work student attitudes. ...

Undergraduate teaching and learning in physical geography

T Day - Progress in Physical Geography, 2012

Page 1. Article Undergraduate teaching and learning in physical geography Terence Day
Okanagan College, Canada Abstract Like other disciplines, physical geography has seen
substantial recent interest in research on ways to improve undergraduate teaching and learning. ...

[PDF] Creating Knowledge in the 21st Century: Citizen Leaders Engaging in Student Research

JS Milne - 2012

... Engaging students in the research process should be a primary goal at Longwood University.
More and more Colleges and Universities are working toward this goal by explicitly identifying
student research—especially undergraduate research—as an institutional priority. ...

Undergraduate occupational therapy students' engagement in qualitative research: identifying research problems and questions through reflection while in a …

JC de Jongh - South African Journal of Occupational Therapy, 2012

... community fieldwork setting. KEY WORDS; occupational therapy, undergraduate
research, qualitative research, community process, fieldwork, culture, reflection.
References. Refbacks. There are currently no refbacks. ISSN 00382337.

[PDF] What Should I Do Next? How Advanced Engineering Students Decide Their Post-Baccalaureate Plans

A Jiang - 2012

... Some students chose professional practice because they had had negative undergraduate
research experiences. Although students generally reported that ... iii influenced by people and
prior experiences, particularly by the quality of any undergraduate research experiences. ...

Strategies for Diversifying the Pool of Graduate Students in Biomedical Sciences

GD Coronado, M Shuster, A Ulrich, J Anderson… - Journal of Cancer …, 2012

... J Wom Minorities Sci Eng 13:119–144 11. Lopatto D (2007) Undergraduate research experiences
support science career decisions and active learning. CBE Life Sci Educ 6:297–306 12. Lopatto
D (2004) Survey of undergraduate research experiences (SURE): first findings. ...

Project-Based Learning in a Technologically Enhanced Learning Environment for Second Language Learners: students' perceptions

L MILLER, CA HAFNER… - E-Learning and Digital Media, 2012

... Yeh, CC (2009) Student Perceptions of an EFL
Undergraduate Research Writing Project, RELC Journal, 40(3), 314-332. Page 12. Lindsay Miller et al 194 ... 

A Stronger Nation Through Higher Education

Gains in national college-attainment rates are on the uptick, but not at levels needed to keep pace with current and future workforce demands. In this video, Lumina's Jamie Merisotis, along with business leaders, policy experts and others reflect on Lumina's A Stronger Nation Through Higher Education report and offer insight on what must be done to reach Goal 2025 and its 60-percent degree attainment rate in the U.S.

People and Place Matter: Lessons on Increasing College Attainment

Mayors and civic leaders gathered in Memphis in April to examine how best to champion college success in their cities. Lumina President Jamie Merisotis emphasized the importance of place-based, metro-area efforts to bring a wider array of citizens into the education pipeline to ensure progress and prosperity to America. Read his speech.

Improving college access/success via technology

As part of Lumina's Next Generation of Student Supports project, six organizations are leveraging the potential of new technologies - including the Web and mobile devices - to support first-generation and low-income students and help them achieve their college-attainment goals. Learn more.

[PDF] Designing Undergraduate Research Projects That Benefit Both Faculty and Students

C Huffman - MountainRise, 2012

Abstract In any discipline, providing research experiences for undergraduate students is
known to enhance their learning experiences. However, faculty research advisors fail to get
much in return for their efforts in working with such students, mainly because the students' ...

[PDF] Impact of a Sophomore Seminar on the Desire of STEM Majors to Pursue a Science Career

RD Sweeder, PE Strong - Journal of STEM Education, 2012

... Providing all introductory students with real undergraduate research experiences early in their
careers has been a challenge, but there are examples of success at large institutions for larger
enrollment classes (Full, 2010; Luckie, Krha, Loznak, & Maleszewski, 2004 ...

Bridging from high school to college and college to the Ph. D.: Programs that work

DE Goldberg - 97th ESA Annual Meeting, 2012

... University. 9:00 AM. OOS 27-. Preparing students for graduate school and careers
in ecology: Best practices from NSF undergraduate research and mentoring programs -
UMEB/URM Charles H. Nilon, University of Missouri. 9 ...

Framing Engineering for Women in Undergraduate Recruitment

K Schmunk - 2012

... 01-Jun-2012. Description: University Honors College thesis fair poster for Kristina Schmunk,
2012: "Framing Engineering for Women in Undergraduate Recruitment.". Collections:
Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and the Arts. Show full item record. ...

Undergraduate Research at SETI in Astrobiology

M Kress, C Phillips, E DeVore… - American Astronomical Society Meeting …, 2012

Abstract The SETI Institute and San Jose State University (SJSU) have begun a partnership
(URSA: Undergraduate Research at the SETI Institute in Astrobiology) in which
undergraduate science and engineering majors from SJSU participate in research at the ...

Research Modules for Undergraduates in Machine Learning

S Bhattacharya, BD Czejdo… - 2012

... sbhattac, bczejdo } Abstract In this paper we describe ongoing
undergraduate research projects that allow us to shift emphasis from teaching to a
more active form of student participation. More specifically our projects ...

Research Project Success: The Essential Guide for Science and Engineering Students

C McCormac, J Davis, P Papakonstantinou… - 2012

... Royal Society of Chemistry. Cambridge. 120 pp ISBN 1849733821 [Book (authored)]. Full text
not available from this repository. Abstract. The undergraduate research project is almost
universally treated as the culmination of all previous lecture, lab and tutorial work. ...

Growing Our Own: Building a Native Research Team

JS Gray… - Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 2012

... was available for one or two graduate students on projects, then a program was developed at
a tribal college for undergraduates (IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence; INBRE),
and finally, funding was provided for an undergraduate research experience (also by ...

'In practice it doesn't always work out like that.' Undergraduate experiences in a research community of practice

J John… - 2012

... Abstract. This paper examines the extent to which a structured undergraduate research
intervention, UROP, permits undergraduate students early access to legitimate peripheral
participation (LPP) in a research community of practice. ...

[PDF] Strategies for Engaging Undergraduate Nursing Students in Reading and Using Qualitative Research

JA Spiers, P Paul, D Jennings… - The Qualitative Report, 2012

Page 1. The Qualitative Report 2012 Volume 17, Article 48, 1-22
ssss/QR/QR17/spiers.pdf Strategies for Engaging Undergraduate Nursing Students
in Reading and Using Qualitative Research Judith A. Spiers ...

Issues on diversity, training, and mentorship of young scientists: an interview

RJ Aguilera - Molecular Biology of the Cell, 2012

... I am also the current program director of the MBRS Research Initiative for Scientific
Enhancement (RISE) undergraduate research training program at my institution. This
program is basically a newer version of the program that supported me. ...

Partnering to improve undergraduate teaching: NAGT and AGU join forces

J Treworgy, E Wright… - Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 2012

... of Chicago Press, Chicago, Ill. Laursen, S., A.-B. Hunter, E. Seymour, H. Thiry, and
G. Melton (2010), Undergraduate Research in the Sciences: Engaging Students
in Real Science, Jossey Bass, San Francisco, Calif. Manduca ...

[PDF] A Women in Engineering Seminar Course for First-Year Engineering Students

JL Groh…

... During the final course meeting, WIEP staff and the TA review opportunities for students to
enhance their educational experience and provide a handout with resources on learning more
about internships, co-ops, undergraduate research, graduate school, and professional ...

7. Wider Horizons: Fostering a Culture of Undergraduate Research

R Harde… - Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching, 2012

Abstract This essay synthesizes our roundtable discussion about how to develop a campus
culture of undergraduate research. Our discussion began with descriptions of the University
of Alberta, Augustana's initiatives: Independent Studies courses, the Student Academic ...

In practice: Harvard houses: The value of the tutorial system

S Nelson, L Johnson… - About Campus, 2012

... they continue their training throughout the year, attending college- sponsored workshops and
house-based, faculty-run meetings to discuss top- ics such as study abroad, undergraduate
research, and supporting students in academic difficulty, and culturally sensitive advising. ...

Undergraduate Research Programs and the Academic Library

N Cunningham, R Pollens Ph D, D Smith - 2012

Abstract Undergraduate research (UR) programs attract highly motivated students who often
continue on to graduate/professional schools but may lack necessary information literacy
skills. Collaboration with UR programs provides librarians new opportunities to help ...

Doctoral Education and the Faculty of the Future (review)

SK Gardner - The Journal of Higher Education, 2012

... addition to the understanding of the faculty pipeline. In this section, chapters connect
the liberal arts college and the undergraduate research experience to doctoral
education and beyond. The third and fourth parts of the book ...

The Influence of Campus Racial Climate on Diversity in Graduate Education

KA Griffin, MM Muñiz… - The Review of Higher Education, 2012

... You can have an undergraduate research program, but it has to be open to everyone.” Another
GDO at a public university located in a state with an anti-affirmative action policy describes the
substantial changes made to an institutional fellowship previously specified for ...


K Carey… - INTED2012 Proceedings, 2012

... the undergraduate level. Calls have been made for addressing issues including
student engagement, undergraduate research, integrated learning and
community-based experience (Chen, Kuh, and Gonyea, 2008). There is ...

The power and utility of reflective learning portfolios in honors

CR Corley… - 2012

... Evidence of mastery of such skills can vary but are likely to include demonstrated leadership
in campus or community organizations (for leadership), undergraduate research or creative work
supervised by a faculty mentor and followed by public dissemination of results (for ...

Developing the Next Generation of Community-Based Researchers: Tips for Undergraduate Students

L Ryser, S Markey… - 2012

... Lopatto, D. 2010. Undergraduate research as a high-impact student experience. Peer Review,
AAC&U , 12(2): 27–30. View all references). ... Lopatto, D. 2010. Undergraduate research as a
high-impact student experience. Peer Review, AAC&U , 12(2): 27–30. ...

Developing Dialogic Learning Space: The Case of Online Undergraduate Research Journals

H Walkington - 2012

Abstract This paper explores the learning spaces associated with two geography
undergraduate research journals. Wikis provide dedicated spaces for postgraduate
reviewers to collaboratively develop constructive feedback to authors creating a

Interdisciplinary teaching and learning in computing science: three years of experience in the MoCSSy program

PJ Giabbanelli, AA Reid… - Proceedings of the Seventeenth Western …, 2012

... 8. REFERENCES [1] J. Beck, B. Buckner, and O. Nikolova. Using interdisciplinary
bioinformatics undergraduate research to recruit and retain computer science students.
ACM SIGCSE Bulletin, 39(1), 2007. [2] GC Black and PE Stephan. ...

Student-driven independent research projects: developing a framework for success in analytical chemistry

HA Bullen - Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2012

... students at NKU. Heather Bullen has an active undergraduate research program
in bioanalytical and materials science, evaluating biofilm formation and the toxicity
of nanoparticles for drug delivery applications. She is noted ...

Why they leave: the impact of stereotype threat on the attrition of women and minorities from science, math and engineering majors

MA Beasley… - Social Psychology of Education, 2012

Page 1. Soc Psychol Educ DOI 10.1007/s11218-012-9185-3 Why they leave: the
impact of stereotype threat on the attrition of women and minorities from science,
math and engineering majors Maya A. Beasley · Mary J. Fischer ...

[PDF] A trans-disciplinary framework for conceptualizing creativity in engineering education

P Mishra, D Henriksen, C Terry… - 2012

... & Ranasinghe, 2010; Williams, 2009). Additionally, undergraduate research experiences
and proper teacher preparedness are encouraged (Guerin & Ranasinghe, 2010;
Rockland et al., 2010). Even large science based companies ...

Supporting student research with semantic technologies and digital archives

A Martínez-García… - Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 2012

... Maidenhead : McGraw-Hill/Open University Press. View all references; Healey & Jenkins,
20099. Healey, M., & Jenkins, A. (2009, June). Developing undergraduate research
and inquiry. ... Developing undergraduate research and inquiry. ...

Racial differences in self-esteem revisited: The role of impression management in the Black self-esteem advantage

V Zeigler-Hill, MT Wallace… - Personality and Individual Differences, 2012

... Upon arriving at the laboratory, participants in the bogus pipeline condition were greeted
by a White female graduate student experimenter wearing a standard white lab coat who
was accompanied by a White female undergraduate research assistant. ...

PDF] Development and Validation of the Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey for Experimental Physics

BM Zwickl, N Finkelstein… - Arxiv preprint arXiv:1207.2418, 2012

... 1. PCAST, Engage to Excel, Tech. rep. (2012). 2. S. Laursen, et al., Undergraduate Research
in the Sciences: Engaging Students in Real Science, Jossey-Bass, 2010. 3. NL Fortenberry, et
al., Science 317, 1175–6 (2007). 4. A. Buffler, et al., The Physics Teacher 46, 539 (2008). ...

Encouraging Research in Social Work: Narrative as the Thread Integrating Education and Research in Social Work

J Phillips, D MacGiollaRi… - Social Work Education, 2012

... some. Secret et al., (200327. Secret, M., Ford, J. and Rompf, E. 2003. Undergraduate
research courses: a closer look reveals complex social work student attitudes. Journal
of Social Work Education , 39(3): 411–422. [Web of ...

[PDF] What's in it for Faculty?

J Shanahan

... Some Benefits of Mentoring Undergraduate Research Jenny Shanahan, Ph.D. Director of
Undergraduate Research Bridgewater State University, Massachusetts Page 2. Undergraduate
research is a high-impact practice that sparks students' interest in learning ...

Undergraduate Peer Learning and Public Digital Humanities Research

B DRAXLER, H HSIEH, N DUDLEY… - E-Learning and Digital Media, 2012

... The project encouraged interdisciplinary collaborative undergraduate research. ... Second,
we will elaborate on the content and structure of the City of Lit mobile app, to situate
the undergraduate research work within the UCOL project. ...

In Search of Experiential Learning in the Jesuit Traditions: Loyola Experience

W Wong, P Green… - Hybrid Learning, 2012

... The Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) is established to facilitate distinctive experiential
learning opportunities through five programs including Service-Learning Program, Academic
Internship Program, Student Employment Program, Undergraduate Research Program and ...

Teaching environmental psychology by doing it: Explorations in the natural world

BL Mace, WD Woody… - Ecopsychology, 2012

... [See Mace (2008) for a more detailed discussion of undergraduate research in national parks.]. ...
Environmental psychological research with undergraduates in the national parks. In RL Miller
& R. Rycek (Eds.), The undergraduate research experience in psychology. ...

Immersion research education: students as catalysts in international collaboration research

KH Anderson, ML Friedemann, A Bűscher… - International Nursing …, 2012

... Wheeler, EC, Hardie, T., Schell, K. & Plowfield, L. (2008) Symbiosis-undergraduate research
mentoring and faculty scholarship in nursing. Nursing Outlook, 56 (1), 9–15. ...

Nurturing Independent Learning in the Undergraduate Student in History: A Faculty–Student Mentoring Experience

BA Johnson… - Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, 2012

... Four undergraduates and a history professor planned for and carried out research in the Belgian
State Archives in an attempt to answer the call from the Boyer Commission's seminal report that
identified the need for meaningful undergraduate research opportunities in the ...

[PDF] A Cross Disciplinary Mentoring Relationship: Discussions Related to Students, the Course, and an Academic Career

AJ Messer… - Kentucky Journal of Higher Education Policy and …, 2012

... Campus Resources and Services ■ The Importance of Campus Involvement ■ History of
UK and Undergraduate Research ■ The Importance of Diversity at UK and Beyond Content
suggestions and materials are prepared and distributed by the UK ...


SK Aghara

Abstract Globally, fossil fuels (77.6%) and nuclear energy (6.6%) combined constitute 84.2%
of the total primary energy sources consumed today. In the US, fossil fuels constitute 69%
and nuclear fuel 20% of total primary energy sources. Both of these energy sources ...

[HTML] Engaging Students in Molecular Biology via Case-Based Learning

M Bergland, K Klyczek, CC Lin, M Lundeberg… - Science, 2012

... Undergraduate research assistants developing new cases on honeybee biology. (Left
to right) Samual Master, Kathryn Hoffman, Ryan Debner, Brianna Jacques, Jennifer
Brooks, Jamie Bolwerk. PHOTO CREDIT: BRADLEY MOGEN. ...

[PDF] Academic-service collaboration in evidence-based practice

SD Moch, R Harper, A Grimley… - Journal of Nursing …, 2012

... 2.1 Obtain research-related information Through responding to requests for information by
staff, undergraduate research assistants obtained research evidence and other best practice
information with the assistance of faculty members and librarians. ...

[PDF] Enhancing Hispanic Minority Undergraduates' Botany Laboratory Experiences: Implementation of an Inquiry-Based Plant Tissue Culture Module Exercise

D Siritunga, V Navas… - International Education Studies, 2012

... Archives of Psychology, 140, 1–55. Lopatto, D. (2010). Science in Solution: The Impact of
Undergraduate Research on Student Learning. Tucson, AZ: Research Corporation for Science
Advancement. ... Benefits of Undergraduate Research Experiences. Science, 316, 548–549. ...

Undergraduate Research in Mathematics Has Come of Age

JA Gallian - NOTICES OF THE AMS, 2012

When I became president of the MAA in 2007, I publicly stated that one of my goals was that,
by 2015 (the 100th anniversary of the MAA), the number of undergraduates at MAA summer
Mathfest would exceed 500 and the number at the joint meetings would exceed 1,000. We ...

[PDF] Designing and Conducting Research in Health and Human Performance: Book

M Blegen - 2012

... Although difficult to highlight many errors with, or omissions in, the text a few minor technicalities
arise. However, the authors have placed emphasis where it should be placed and in the end
the reader of this text can more fully engage in the undergraduate research process. ...

The Advent of Web Scale Discovery Tools: What it Means for Undergraduate Research

J Pitts - 2012

Web Scale Discovery is a new breed of library research tool which provides a single
platform to search a library's books, databases, archives and additional materials. Touted as
an alternative to Google, Web Scale Discovery has great potential to augment and elevate ...

What Can a Student Teacher Learn from Undergraduate Research?

A Klingel… - Kappa Delta Pi Record, 2012

A disconnect exists between teaching and research; and it has become easy, if not
automatic, for K–12 teachers to be enthusiastic about teaching and less supportive of
research. As a student teacher, I (Abbey Klingel) found myself adopting the stereotype that ...

Student engagement: What does this mean in practice in the context of Higher Education Institutions?

C Robinson - Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, 2012

... Scoping the evidence, NFER, available at
91151_VoiceOfYoungPeople.pdf (accessed 10th Feb 2012). Healey, M. and Jenkins, A. (2009)
Developing undergraduate research and inquiry. York: HE Academy. ...

A grid computing environment for undergraduate research

H Lin, B Ganov, J Kemp, P Gilbert - … and Service Science (ICSESS), 2012 IEEE 3rd …, 2012

Abstract This paper presents the establishment of cluster computing lab at a minority serving
institution that aims to provide computing resources to support undergraduate student
research. We will firstly a project for building, configuring, and maintaining the cluster in ...

[PDF] Mentored undergraduate research in the geosciences

S Judge, M Pollock, M WilSon - Eos, 2012

1. Pedagogical Preparation Within the Curriculum. The mission of IS forms the foundation of
our institution's curriculum, an intentional relationship generated by focused curriculum
mapping. At Wooster, curriculum mapping began by establishing institutional graduate ...

[PDF] Shepherding Undergraduate Students Through a Research Experience and a Professional Meeting

JM Galbraith, VA Blacksburg - NACTA Journal, 2012

Page 1. 76 NACTA Journal • June 2012 Abstract Undergraduate research consists of
a student working with a faculty or staff member to develop a study plan and objectives.
Polls of faculty and students report the benefits of this activity. ...


J SINGER - 2012 GSA Annual Meeting in Charlotte, 2012

Undergraduate research programs can be evaluated to assess student gains, mentor
experiences, and determine the overall success and impact of the program. Faculty involved
in mentoring students conducting research and coordinators running larger research ...


W NELSON, M Tenea - 2012 GSA Annual Meeting in Charlotte, 2012

The School of Earth Sciences (SES) Office of Multicultural Affairs at Stanford University
sponsors a yearly summer undergraduate research program. The Summer Undergraduate
Research in Geoscience and Engineering (SURGE) program provides students with ...

Undergraduate Education in Nanotechnology and Nanoscience

N Chopra, RG Reddy - JOM Journal of the Minerals, Metals and Materials …, 2012

Page 1. Undergraduate Education in Nanotechnology and Nanoscience NITIN
CHOPRA1,2 and RAMANA G. REDDY1,3 1.—Department of Metallurgical and
Materials Engineering, Center for Materials for Information Technology ...


EC HANSEN - 2012 GSA Annual Meeting in Charlotte, 2012

... 49423 Many undergraduate research students are still unsure on what careers to
follow or how to take the next step towards those careers. Among the people they
look to for advice on these matters are their research mentors. ...


J RYAN - 2012 GSA Annual Meeting in Charlotte, 2012

... Ave. SCA 528, Tampa, FL 33620, A crucial step in using
undergraduate research as a strategy for geoscience instruction is providing to
students access to real research tools that they can learn to use. In ...


SA ISIORHO, F Wayne - 2012 GSA Annual Meeting in Charlotte, 2012

... Session No. 173--Booth# 249 Undergraduate Research as Teaching Practice (Posters)
Charlotte Convention Center: Hall B 9:00 AM-6:00 PM, Tuesday, 6 November 2012. © Copyright
2012 The Geological Society of America (GSA), all rights reserved. ...


E MOSS - 2012 GSA Annual Meeting in Charlotte, 2012

... Session No. 262 Undergraduate Research as Teaching Practice Charlotte Convention
Center: 210AB 1:30 PM-5:30 PM, Wednesday, 7 November 2012. © Copyright 2012
The Geological Society of America (GSA), all rights reserved. ...

[PDF] Benefits of Collaborative Finance Research in Business Schools

R Kao - VOLUME 7 A Journal of the Center for Excellence in …, 2012

... Introduction “Although business students account for approximately 22 percent of undergraduate
degrees in the US, business is one discipline that has been largely absent from the discussion
about undergraduate research”(Bartkus 2010, p. 5). Professor Bartkus has ...


X Chen, NVR Mahadev - The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 2012

... It is used as a robotic platform for undergraduate research and a lab tool for computer science
courses. 4.1 Design a Robot That Recognize Basic Digits Classification by computer of
handwritten digits is a standard problem in pattern recognition. ...

The Research Mentoring Program: Serving the Needs of Graduate and Undergraduate Researchers

J Horowitz, KB Christopher - Innovative Higher Education, 2012

... roles. The graduate students are increasingly searching out high-impact learning
experiences such as involvement with undergraduate research. ... completion. Keywords
Mentoring . Undergraduate research . Graduate education ...

[PDF] Transforming Programming-Intensive Courses with Course-Embedded Research

E Brannock, N Napier, K Nagel - 2012

... Categories and Subject Descriptors K.3.2 [Computers and Information Science Education]:
Computer science education – curriculum General Terms Experimentation Keywords
Undergraduate research, software engineering course, curriculum innovation ...

Interdisciplinary Research for Engineering Skills Development Interdisciplinary Research for Engineering Skills Development

AE González-Lizardo - Acta Universitaria

... The undergraduate research at the PEL provides the students with a unique opportunity to practice
engineering before graduation through real life problems, innovation, collaboration with other
institutions, and presentation of their work for engineering and scientific audiences. ...

[RTF] The 'cut and paste' of undergraduate research

A Henesey - SCONUL Focus, 2012

I heard the following conversation in the library recently: 'How's it going?' one student asked
another. 'Oh, OK. I've been doing a bit of reading and some writing. Been copying bits out of
books, but then I thought," What's the point? I'm not going to put it in the essay."'

Preparing Undergraduates for Research Careers: Using Astrobites in the Classroom

NE Sanders, S Kohler, E Newton - Astronomy Education Review, 2012

... 8289, 828902. Crowe, M., and Brakke, D. 2008, “Assessing the Impact of
Undergraduate-Research Experiences on Students: An Overview of Current Literature,”
Council on Undergraduate Research Quarterly, 28, 4. Daniels, KE ...

BioTalents: Enhancing Biotechnology Professional Skills in Science and Engineering Students

B Rosa, PL Saliceti - International Academic Conference, 2012

... Initiatives such as the Biotechnology Summer Camp for High School Students, the Industrial
Biotechnology Learning Center for company employees, and BioMINDS for undergraduate
research in biotechnology-related areas have nurtured the professional profiles required by ...

[HTML] The Digital Divide Within Education Caused by the Internet

B Todd - Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human …, 2012

Abstract: This paper examines how Internet technologies are creating a divide between the
skills individuals are using inside the classroom and in their daily lives. The data were
collected using an online survey that highlights the need to revaluate how individuals are ...

A Perspective of Gender Differences in Chemistry and Physics Undergraduate Research Experiences

JA Harsh, AV Maltese, RH Tai - Journal of Chemical Education, 2012

The loss of talented women from the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
(STEM) pipeline has been widely recognized within science education as a pressing issue,
particularly in the physical sciences. To provide a gender-based perspective of a popular ...

[HTML] The Benefits of Multi-Year Research Experiences: Differences in Novice and Experienced Students' Reported Gains from Undergraduate Research

H Thiry, TJ Weston, SL Laursen, AB Hunter - CBE-Life Sciences Education, 2012

Abstract This mixed-methods study explores differences in novice and experienced
undergraduate students' perceptions of their cognitive, personal, and professional gains
from engaging in scientific research. The study was conducted in four different ...

[HTML] Integrating Genomics Research throughout the Undergraduate Curriculum: A Collection of Inquiry-Based Genomics Lab Modules

LM Banta, EJ Crespi, RH Nehm, JA Schwarz, S Singer… - CBE-Life Sciences …, 2012

... Hunter AB,; Laursen SL,; Seymour E. . Becoming a scientist: the role of undergraduate research
in students' cognitive, personal, and professional development. ... Developing, Promoting, and
Sustaining the Undergraduate Research Experience in Psychology. ...

[HTML] Recent Research in Science Teaching and Learning

D Allen - CBE-Life Sciences Education, 2012

... 1. Jones MT, Barlow AEL, Villarejo M (2010). Importance of undergraduate research for
minority persistence and achievement in biology. J High Educ 81, 82–115. [Abstract available:].

Teamwork approach for senior research projects for college undergraduates

Z Qian, Y Lan, J Feng, Q Yiping - Computer Science & Education (ICCSE), 2012 7th …, 2012

... organized as a teamwork project. IV. Our experience and lessons Recent year, we
have accumulated some experience on teamwork undergraduate research and thesis
with substantial accomplishments. In our research group, the ...

[PDF] The estimated effects of service learning and undergraduate research on students' intercultural effectiveness

CA Kilgo - 2012

Abstract: Service learning and undergraduate research were both named" high-impact
educational practices" by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U)
for suggested positive benefits to students (see Brownell & Swaner, 2010; Kuh, 2008). ...

[HTML] Facilitating Long-Term Changes in Student Approaches to Learning Science

BJ Buchwitz, CH Beyer, JE Peterson, E Pitre, N Lalic… - CBE-Life Sciences …, 2012

... together to maintain peer interactions. They were also encouraged to participate
in undergraduate research. Statistical Analysis of Student Background and
Introductory Biology Performance. For each student enrolled in BIOL ...

The Emergent Information Commons: Philosophy, Models, and 21st Century Learning Paradigms

D Beagle - Journal of Library Administration, 2012

... Foster, NF and Gibbons, S. 2007. Studying students: The Undergraduate Research Project
at the University of Rochester , Chicago : Association of College & Research Libraries.
View all references, although the two are not mutually exclusive. ...


M Edlbi - 2012


UGR2001 and UGR3001-UCM Undergraduate Research/PEERS

UCM PEERS - Course Catalogue

UCM PEERS is a semester long research program carrying 10 ECTS. The level of the
project depends on the subject matter and the required academic background of the
participating students, and can be either 200 or 300 level. Successful PEERS participants ...

[PDF] NESSC Undergraduate Summer School on Fundamental Physics of the Sun-Earth System

N Lugaz, CW Smith, N Schwadron, CJ Farrugia…

... The demographic survey of the field supported by NSF reported that “nearly three-quarters of
recent PhD recipients (receiving their degree since 2000) participated in some form of
undergraduate research” (ibid, D-7), illustrating the impact of REU and undergraduate research ...

A Model for an Introductory Undergraduate Research Experience

JA Canaria, AM Schoffstall, DJ Weiss, RM Henry… - Journal of Chemical …, 2012

An introductory, multidisciplinary lecture–laboratory course linked with a summer research experience
has been established to provide undergraduate biology and chemistry majors with the skills
needed to be successful in the research laboratory. This three-credit hour course was ...

Incorporating Student-Led Field Trips and Learner-Centered Teaching in a Capstone Geology Course

CED Todd, ER Goeke - Journal of Geoscience Education, 2012

... 2009, with the stated objectives that students will improve their writing skills, have increased
comfort conducting research through scientific literature, prepare and give a professional-style
talk, create and present a poster at the campus undergraduate research symposium, and ...

Meyerhoff Scholars Program: A Strengths‐Based, Institution‐Wide Approach to Increasing Diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

KI Maton, SA Pollard, TV McDougall Weise… - Mount Sinai Journal of …, 2012

Skip to Main Content. Wiley Online Library will be disrupted on 15 September from
10:00-12:00 BST (05:00-07:00 EDT) for essential maintenance. ...

[HTML] Bridging the Gap: Understanding the Differing Research Expectations of First-Year Students and Professor

M Raven - Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 2012

Bridging the Gap: Understanding the Differing Research
Expectations of First-Year Students and Professor.

[PDF] Undertaking Research on Teaching and Learning: Developing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

M Healey - 2012

... Beyond the benefits to the institution and the individual students, this model of undergraduate
research heralds an opportunity for research into teaching and learning to gain acceptance and
interest amongst a new and previously uninvolved cohort of investigators. ...

[PDF] Building Relationships, Sharing Resources, and Opening Opportunities: A STEM Learning Community Builds Social Capital for Students with Disabilities

J Whitney, S Langley-Turnbaugh, L Lovewell… - AHEAD, 2012

... In addition to the LC seminar, 51% of the students participate in EAST-funded tutoring on a regular
basis and 21% participate in undergraduate research fellowships sponsored by EAST. Of the
43 participants who completed the LC seminar, 11 are female and 32 are male. ...

Understanding students' use of sources in research writing through an epistemological lens

CE Nicolas - 2012

... 3522800. Abstract: Concerns about the poor quality of students' use of sources in
undergraduate research writing have typically led to investigations either of students'
information-seeking strategies or of their composing practices. I ...

[PDF] Improving STEM Education in Research: Preliminary Report on the Development of a Computer-Assisted Student-Mentor Research Community

D Rios, A Chebotko, C Reilly, R Carlson, E Tomai… - Creative Education, 2012

... However, despite considerable expenditures of private and public funds to provide research
experiences (The National Conferences on Undergraduate Research; National listing of REU
Programs), it is surprising that success is still being measured by the number of students ...


VS Lee, IG Learning - 2012

... 781-797. In a study of the effects of undergraduate research programs in the United Kingdom,
366 students from five universities responded to a questionnaire. ... IGL is a subset of active learning,
and both problem-based learning and undergraduate research are subsets of IGL. ...

Toward the Equitable Distribution of Enriching Educational Experiences: Faculty Engagement with Racial Minority Students

SR Harper - 2012

... This is especially true for engagement in what Kuh (2008) refers to as “high-impact” educational
experiences – study abroad programs, learning communities, undergraduate research programs,
service learning opportunities, and summer internships, to name a few. ...

Listening to Our Students: Understanding How They Learn Research Methods in Geography

K Keenan, D Fontaine - Journal of Geography, 2012

... Only a few studies have engaged and examined the pedagogy of undergraduate research
methods courses, and these articles focus on students learning research methods as they
work in groups (Poindexter 1998; Welch and Panelli 2003). ...


M Nerland - 2012

... however, to exist some differences in how participation in research is categorized and described,
and different terms are used to conceptualize relationships between research, teaching, and
learning—such as research-teaching nexus, undergraduate research, inquiry-based ...


RC Goss, KJ Mitchell - 2012 HERA Conference, 2012

Undergraduate research has had a prominent role in the strategic plan for both Virginia
Tech and the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. The college developed an
Undergraduate Research Institute and began publishing a journal for undergraduate ...

Standards and learning outcomes for undergraduate research projects

S Howitt, A Wilson, D Higgins - Proceedings of The Australian Conference on Science …, 2012

Abstract Undergraduate research projects are increasingly being incorporated as assessed
components, into a range of degrees, both those aimed at elite students and in standard BSc
degrees. While students and staff are generally positive about such experiences, the ...

Defining standards for research-based learning

A Brew, L Mantai - Proceedings of The Australian Conference on Science …, 2012

... In the context of a project to develop students' awareness and experiences of research we were
recently involved in writing a response to a document prepared by the American Council on
undergraduate research “Characteristics of Excellence in Undergraduate Research”. ...

Developing final year and capstone projects to engage students in research and inquiry: maintaining standards while encouraging creativity and diversity

M Healey - Proceedings of The Australian Conference on Science …, 2012

... There can also be novel ways of disseminating the findings – via exhibitions, undergraduate
research conferences and other forms of public engagement. The key is to develop flexible
alternatives which meet the needs of all students while maintaining comparable standards. ...

Collaborations Grow through the Introductory Biology Project

S Musante - BioScience, 2012

... “Our thought was to expand on the growing level of undergraduate research at two-year
colleges...through two-year–four-year collaborations that would support two-year college faculty
in conducting authentic research with their students,” explained Longtine. ...

Participants' reflections two and three years after an introductory chemistry course-embedded research experience

GA Szteinberg, GC Weaver - Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 2012

... First published on the web 10th October 2012. The Center for Authentic Science Practice in
Education (CASPiE) is a course-embedded undergraduate research curriculum that aims to
introduce authentic research experiences for students in their early college years. ...

[PDF] Developing supportive STEM community college to four-year college and university transfer ecosystems

AC Dowd - 2012

Page 1. Visit the National Academies Press online and register for... Instant access to free
PDF downloads of titles from the Distribution, posting, or copying of this PDF is strictly
prohibited without written permission of the National Academies Press. ...

 [PDF] The Intentional Mentor: Effective Mentorship of Undergraduate Science Students

JJ Ramirez

Page 1. The Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education (JUNE), Fall 2012,
11(1):A55-A63 JUNE is a publication of Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience
(FUN) ARTICLE The Intentional Mentor ...

[PDF] Cultivating Diversity and Competency in STEM: Challenges and Remedies for Removing Virtual Barriers to Constructing Diverse Higher Education Communities of …

JA Whittaker, BL Montgomery

... of student research participation on encouraging a pursuit of careers in science among BUSP
participants that graduated is correlated with research participants having access to more
mentors/advisors than those that did not participate in undergraduate research (Villarejo et al ... )