Aggie Entrepreneurs in Action

Entrepreneurship is more than an academic program at N.C. A&T. Aggies aren't waiting to graduate before they start their own businesses. Click on the links below for a sample of what today's Aggie entrepreneurs are all about.


Unique and Uncontemporary

Screenshot from uxu website

  • Founder: Ryan Rhodes
  • Major: Industrial Engineering

"Unique and Uncontemporary (UxU for short) is a streetwear clothing brand and lifestyle movement that promotes authentic ideas and leader potential in a world full of followers. We strongly encourage thinking for yourself and simply doing YOU from beginning to end. There are those in this creative world that are afraid to show who they really are and worry that they may not be accepted in the mainstream. We are not of that group. We knock the haters and set trends, not follow them. We are our own craze and we set our own standards. We color outside the lines of life. Through our apparel, we show love and respect to the arts and connect with other artists pursuing the same endeavors. UxU strives to cater to what fans want and envision in order to strengthen our movement. You can find out more and join the movement at"

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Sophisticated Genius

the Sophisticated Genius team

Romel Reaves, left, and the Sophisticated Genius crew

  • Co-founder: Romel Reaves, Class of 2014
  • Major: Marketing

"Sophisticated Genius strives to provide a sense of oneself through creativity and hopes that customers of this brand do the same. The brand is for those few who understand that going against the grain is cool and that fashion is really what you make it. The signature logo, Cham the Zebra, represents the versatility that aligns with our core principle of offering  pieces that can be versatile for various lifestyles and settings. The wearers of this brand master distinction and sophistication in any setting, whether relaxed, casual, or professional."

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Photo by Allen Meade, Adrian Paxx Photography

Adrian Paxx Photography

  • Founder: Mr. Allan Meade, Class of 2017
  • Major: Journalism and Mass Communication

"Capturing the natural beauty of a person is a very important thing. There is beauty in everyone and everything. It's all about the photographer and his or her 'eye' to see true beauty. Adrian Paxx Photography's mission is to capture pictures in a whole new way. Pictures that make people stop and stare, and wonder what's different about it from the rest. Every client of Adrian Paxx Photography should go home happy and confident, knowing that their true beauty and swagger has just been captured on camera! We are all created in God's image, so we are ALL beautiful! Our mission is to capture pictures that support our slogan: 'From His image, to yours.'"

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Adey J Produxions

Adey J Produxions logo

  • Founder: Ms. Jasmine Adelekun, Class of 2014
  • Major: Mass Communication & Mass Media Production

"Adey J Produxions (AJP) is a small media company specializing in videography and voice over production. Adey J Produxions was founded on January 13th, 2014, by North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University senior & DMV native Jasmine Adelekun. The company is named after a nickname given to her by her friends.

"Since the begining of the company's operation, AJP has strived for media excellence catering to the minority and youth of this generation. Adey J uses her skills to capture the stories and visions of her clientele through commercials, documentaries, voice overs, music video, short films and more. The company's goal is to create unity and to be a voice for the unheard and often times misunderstood young generation.

"From the help of other young freelance artists and media consumers Adey J Produxions continues to put out thought provoking and entertaining content."

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JReal's Life Store

Screenshot from JReal website

  • Founder: Mr. Jarrell Pittman, Class of 2014
  • Major: Journalism and Mass Communications

"I am an independent business owner partnering with the Amway Corporation to market top-tier, all-natural products that place Top 5 in their prospective categories. Our products deal in health and wellness, including Nutrilite all-natural vitamin supplement; XS Energy Drinks, all-natural, no-carb, no-sugar, 8-calorie energy drinks in 17 flavors, providing a long-term, no-crash boost with B12 vitamins; Artistry skin care products and makeup; Legacy household cleaners, all-natural household supplies including detergents, dishwashing liquids, surface wipe and all-purpose cleaning spray; and the Ribbon book program, gift books ranging from $25 to $1,000 that can be bought as gifts for friends and family with redeemable items in each book that the recipient can choose from. 

"All items are available at my website."

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Justin Blackmon

Justin Blackmon

  • Founder: Mr. Justin Blackmon, Class of 2014
  • Major: Journalism and Mass Communication

"TRIBE, BA is a basketball association. TRIBE, BA is on a campaign to deliver quality basketball apparel and ultimately to create an entire organization of development camps, gymnasiums and hopefully an arena for multiple age ranges and walks of life to participate in the great sport of Basketball. The logo itself is beginning to make waves on college campuses and is propelling interest to the biz. TRIBE, BA has acquired assistance from LIDS & Yupoong."

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Get listed on this page

Businesses owned and operated by currently enrolled Aggie undergraduate and graduate students can be listed on this page. To get your business listed, send an email to David Arneke, Director of Research Communications.  Include your name, class year, major, a description of your business, and a website URL.

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