Members of the DORED staff on Aggies Go Red for Women's Health Day 2014.

Staff directory and contact information

  • Information on specific N.C. A&T researchers can be found in the REACH NC database. The initial phase of the database includes researchers in the College of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, and School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.  Other academic units will be added.

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development

  • General DORED office number: 336 334-7995
  • Barry L. Burks, Ph.D.
    Vice Chancellor for Research & Economic Development
    Email, 336 334-7314, Fort IRC Room 428
  • Sanjiv Sarin, Ph.D.
    Vice Provost for Research, Graduate Programs and Extended Learning, and Dean of The Graduate School
    Email, 336 285-2366, Gibbs Hall, Room 120
  • Bernetta Hill
    Executive Assistant
    Email, 336 285-3171, Fort IRC Suite 416
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Office of Contract and Grants

  • Natalie T. Teagle, B.S., B.A., C.R.A.
    Director of Contract and Grants
    Email, 336 285-3199, Fort IRC Room 319
  • James Watlington, M.B.A.
    Assistant Director
    Email, 336 285-3013, Fort IRC, Room 315
  • Weber D. Byers, B.S.
    Grant Accountant
    Email, 336 285-3178, Fort IRC, Room 311
  • Diane Davis, M.B.A., C.P.A.
    Grant Accountant
    Email, 336 285-3015, Fort IRC, Room 311
  • Michael Hatcher, B.S., B.S.
    Grant Accountant
    Email, 336 285-3016, Fort IRC, Room 311
  • Amanda Marsh, B.S.
    Grant Accountant
    Email, 336 285-3011, Fort IRC, Room 313
  • Seham Mesfin, B.S.
    Grant Accountant
    Email, 336 285-3014, Fort IRC, Room 311
  • Ann Surgeon
    Accounting Technician
    Email, 336 285-3020, Fort IRC, Room 313
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Financial Compliance

  • Lavonne Matthews, B.A.
    Director of Financial Compliance
    Email, 336 334-7683, 336 285-3012, Fort IRC, Room 332
  • Chris Ballard, B.S.
    Business Services Coordinator
    Email, 336 285-3019, Fort IRC, Room 313
  • Erica Knight, M.S.
    Business Systems Analyst
    Email, 336 285-3185, Fort IRC, Room 313
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Outreach and Economic Development

  • Wayne A. Szafranski, M.S.
    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Outreach & Economic Development
    Email, 336 285-3186, Fort IRC Room 423
  • Laura Collins, Ph.D.
    Director of Intellectual Property Development
    Email, 336 285-3188, Fort IRC Room 426
  • Louis Judge III, M.B.A.
    Director of Technology Transfer
    Email, 336 285-3187, Fort IRC Room 427
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Research Administration

  • Mitzi D. Bond, Ed.D.
    Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration
    Email, 336 285-3172, Fort IRC Room 425
  • Christopher M. Couch, M.S.
    Research Operations Manager
    Email, 336 285-3190, Fort IRC Room 342
  • Liwen Han, M.S.
    Technology Support Analyst
    Email, 336 285-3191, Fort IRC Room 435
  • Brenda Jefferson, B.S.
    Business Manager
    Email, 336 285-3174, Fort IRC Room 430
  • Lando Ray Little, Jr., B.A.
    Undergraduate Research Program Coordinator
    Email, 336 285-3266, Fort IRC Room 228
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Research Communications

  • David R. Arneke, B.A.
    Director of Research Communications
    Email, 336 285-3182, Fort IRC Room 417
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Research Compliance and Ethics

  • Donna H. Eaton, R.N., M.S.N., M.H.A.
    Director of Research Compliance & Ethics
    Research Integrity Officer
    Conflicts of interest, export controls, research misconduct, responsible conduct of research
    Email, 336 285-3183, Fort IRC Room 432
  • Cat Collins, B.A.
    Compliance Officer
    Institutional Review Board
    Email, 336 285-2961, Fort IRC Room 420
  • Tonya R. Hargett, Ph.D., L.A.T.G.
    Compliance Officer
    Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Institutional Biosafety Committee, Radiation Safety Committee
    Email, 336 285-3184, Fort IRC Room 422
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Research Services and Project Management

  • Saundra Y. Evans, M.B.A.
    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Services and Project Management
    Email, 336 285-3198, Fort IRC Room 305
  • Bernice Bennett
    Research Assistant
    Email, 336 285-3173, Fort IRC Suite 405
  • Tonjia May, M.A.
    Budget Manager
    Email, 336 285-3201, Fort IRC Room 310
  • Aaron Keith McCullough, Ph.D. 
    Technical Grant Writer
    Email, 336 285-3189, Fort IRC Room 312
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Sponsored Programs

  • Frances B. Lackey, B.A., M.C.
    Director of Sponsored Programs
    Email, 336 285-3192, Fort IRC Suite 405
  • Bertha McLendon, B.A.
    Assistant Director
    Email, 336 285-3195, Fort IRC Suite 405
  • Gerard Clements, B.A.
    Grant Administrator
    Email, 336 285-3196, Fort IRC Suite 405
  • Cathy J. Johnson, M.S.
    Grant Administrator
    Email, 336 285-3194, Fort IRC Suite 405
  • Naomi Poteat, A.A.S.
    Grant Administrator
    Email, 336 285-3193, Fort IRC Suite 405
  • Cindia Hairston
    Budget Analyst
    Email, 336 285-3200, Fort IRC Room 310
  • Lakeisha Tillman
    Temporary Grant Administrator
    Email, 336 285-3176, Fort IRC Room 405
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Technology Transfer

  • Louis Judge III, M.B.A.
    Director of Technology Transfer
    Email, 336 285-3187, Fort IRC Room 427
  • Laura Collins, Ph.D.
    Director of Intellectual Property Development
    Email, 336 285-3188, Fort IRC Room 426
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Undergraduate Research

  • Tonya R. Hargett, Ph.D., L.A.T.G.
    Acting Director
    336 285-3184, Fort IRC Room 422
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Fax numbers

  • All offices except Contracts and Grants: 336 256-2240
  • Contracts and Grants only: 336 256-0169
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Mailing Address

  • Division of Research and Economic Development
    Fort Interdisciplinary Research Center
    North Carolina A&T State University
    1601 East Market Street
    Greensboro, NC 27411
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Dr. Aaron Keith McCullough joins DORED as Technical Grant Writer

Dr. A. Keith McCulloughDr. Aaron Keith McCullough has joined the Office of Research Services and Project Management as a Technical Grant Writer.  He will assist faculty in a variety of disciplines with the writing and preparation of research proposals. He also will seek funding opportunities for faculty and distribute reports, studies, and other information on grant funding.

Dr. McCullough has a long association with N.C. A&T. He received his master’s degree in Adult Education at the university and has worked as an adjunct faculty member in speech communication studies. In addition, he has served as a project director for A&T programs in family and community violence prevention, financial literacy, and student support services. 

He has conducted and presented research on topics including youth violence prevention, qualitative research methodologies, effective teaching, and student engagement. He has experience in research administration from Livingstone College, where he served as Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Sponsored Programs and Research. He also has been a staff member at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Dr. McCullough received his Ph.D. in education from UNC-Chapel Hill and his bachelor’s degree in speech communication from N.C. State University.

He is located in the Fort Interdisciplinary Research Center, Room 312, and can be reached at 336 285-3189 or click here for email.

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Ms. Tonjia May named Budget Manager for Division of Research and Economic Development

Ms. Tonjia MayTonjia May, a manager of grants and contracts at Duke University, has been named Budget Manager in the Division of Research and Economic Development.

She will work with faculty members to make sure budgets in research proposals meet the University’s guidelines on such points as indirect rates, cost sharing, and allowable costs, and to see that budgets conform to funding agencies’ policies, regulations and procedures as well.

“DORED’s lean, fast-moving processes require administrators who are flexible, have broad capabilities and who embrace opportunities to serve faculty beyond their position requirements,” said Saundra Y. Evans, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Services and Project Management. “Tonjia has the skills and the personality to be an outstanding member of our team.”

Before joining Duke, Ms. May was a grant administrator in the N.C. A&T College of Engineering.

She is a graduate of High Point University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master of arts in nonprofit management. She also has received training at Duke’s Research Administration Academy, a comprehensive professional development program for research administrators.

Ms. May succeeds Natalie Teagle, who was named Director of the Office of Contracts and Grants last fall.

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