Dr. Ajit Kelkar, College of Engineering, co-founder of Advaero Technologies

Success stories

Advaero Technologies

Advaero Technologies, Inc., is a spin-off company based on intellectual property developed by Dr. Ajit Kelkar of the College of Engineering at N.C. A&T and the Department of Nanoengineering at the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.  The company manufactures complex components from carbon fiber composites using advanced methods that substantially reduce both material weight and production costs.


Provagen, a biotechnology firm, was the first company to be spun off from intellectual property developed at N.C. A&T.  The company grew out of the research of Dr. John Allen’s lab related to Protein V, an antibody binding protein.  Provagen’s initial business strategy was to produce and market this protein for use in the medical research industry, as well as in disease treatment and diagnostics.

Premiere Analytics

Premiere Analytics was spun off from N.C. A&T based on technology developed on campus.  The intellectual property was developed in the lab of Christopher Doss of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  Premier Analytics’ produced software capable of completing complex financial analyses, particularly useful in options trading.

Licensing agreement for sensor array technology

N.C. A&T licensed to Material Technologies, Inc., a set of patents covering a sensor array system and a method of monitoring the structural health of metal structures in a non-destructive manner.  Dr. Mannur Sundaresan’s lab continues to work on non-destructive monitoring of structural health of buildings, bridges, aircraft and sea-faring vessels.

Licensing agreement for E. coli prevention technology

N.C. A&T out-licensed patented technology related to the inhibition of E. coli growth in both animal and plant-based products. The research was conducted in the lab of Dr. Salam Ibrahim.  Dr. Ibrahim’s lab continues to focus on issues related to food safety.

Licensing Agreement for Dredge Technology

N.C. A&T and Mud Hen Technologies agreed to a license for a suite of patents related to dredging technology.  The licensed technology is applicable to the removal of sediment, such as rocks, from shallow river beds.  The patents cover areas such as design of the dredge and methods for the transportation of the sediment from the bottom of the river to a collection area.

Research and development agreement with local company

N.C. A&T has licensed intellectual property developed in the lab of Dr. Salam Ibrahim to Jarrow Formulas.  This technology could significantly increase the effectiveness of the company’s probiotics, which are products with “good” bacteria that aid in digestion, immune system health, and other health-related benefits.

N.C. A&T signed a research agreement with Modern Mushrooms Farms Inc. to test an innovative packaging technique on a variety of their specialty mushrooms.   Dr. Ipek Goketepe, a faculty member in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, has developed a safe, effective, and low-cost packaging technique that reduces the growth of bacteria, yeast, and molds to preserve the sensory properties of food, extending shelf life and preserving quality.