Office of Outreach and Economic Development

Drs. Ilias and AlexanderThe Office of Outreach and Economic Development identifies promising technologies that arise from research conducted at N.C. A&T. We connect industrial and commercial partners with N.C. A&T’s expertise, new technologies, and opportunities for continuing development while creating technology-driven businesses and economic benefits to the regional and state economies. The office manages the university’s intellectual property portfolio and works directly with faculty, staff and students to build a pipeline of novel products and concepts with commercial value.

  • U.S. patent recipient Dr. Shamsuddin Ilias, left, holds his patent plaque after presentation by Dr. Winser Alexander.

What We Do

Technology transfer is accomplished at N.C. A&T through three processes for realizing public use of our research-derived technology.

  • Where sufficient, we license our available technology to commercial partners.
  • We provide technology assessment services to the N.C. A&T community.
  • We facilitate the creation of new commercial entities based on N.C. A&T technology.

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Why We Do It

Technology licensing and commercialization helps the university to:

  • Deliver tangible benefits to North Carolina taxpayers for their support for fundamental research;
  • Attract outstanding faculty and students;
  • Generate corporate support for research;
  • Generate revenue for reinvestment in the research enterprise; and
  • Create new job opportunities for graduates.

Database of researchers

Information on specific N.C. A&T researchers can be found in the REACH NC database, an easily searchable Web portal that enables users to find thousands of researchers in N.C. colleges, universities and research institutions (click here for more information ... or here to go directly to the website). The initial phase of the database includes researchers in the College of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, and School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. Other academic units will be added.

Outreach and Economic Development Staff

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