Available technologies

Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

An Ultrahigh-Sensitivity Oxygen Enriched Elastomeric Silicone Polymer Membrane Incorporating Nanofillers

  • Nanofilled silicone polymers are useful in selectively purifying oxygen from a gaseous mixture, such as air.  Filters employing such membranes can be used in personal care devices as well as industrial gaseous purification.

Apparatus and Method for Forming Densified Carbon-Carbon Composites

  • Carbon-carbon composites are lightweight; demonstrate high mechanical strength and high thermal conductivity; and have a low coefficient of thermal expansion.  Such high quality materials are prepared using a new apparatus and method that substantially reduce production time and cost.  These composites are suitable for uses such as space vehicle heat shields, rocket nozzles, and aircraft brakes.

High Sensitivity Differential Pressure Sensor

  • A pressure sensor consisting of a pressure-sensitive film and a detector can measure pressure changes as low as 0.0001 psi without sensitivity to temperature.  The sensor can be used to measure gas-phase chemical reactions or to detect minute gas leaks in materials such as tires, underwater craft, etc.

Methods of Preparing Thin Films by Electroless Plating

  • The development of high-temperature membranes to recover hydrogen is of considerable scientific and commercial interest.  Thin film palladium and palladium/silver composite membranes, useful in hydrogen separation, have been fabricated using an innovative electroless plating process.

Biotechnology and Biosciences

Recombinant Protein V

  • Recombinant Protein V (RPV) is a bacterial cell wall protein capable of binding with any antibody-binding protein.  This protein can be used in protein purification, as a research tool, and in medical diagnostics.

Computational Science and Engineering

System and Method for Assessing Smart Power Grid Networks

  • Researcher at NC A&T have developed prediction tools based on the structural and functional characteristics of the grid.

Continuous Acoustic Emissions Sensor

  • Acoustic emissions sensors enable the detection and location of the growth of early-stage cracks within structures in use.  Such monitoring is especially useful in determining the structural integrity of bridges, airplanes, buildings, etc.

Energy and Environment

Shallow Water Sediment Removal Dredge Technology

  • This innovative system is designed to remove sediment down to a depth 10 feet below water level.  The system can be used to move sediment to a final resting place on land, at the shore, or elsewhere in the body of water.

Composition and Method for Improving Flux-Enhanced Cross Flow Membrane Filter

  • This patented technology addresses the need for a filtration system to maintain the effectiveness and permeate flux of a cross-flow membrane.  The innovative system optimizes the membrane port through which the feed solution passes as well as the permeate outlet through which the effluent flows.

Environmental Remediation by Use of Biodegradable Polymers

  • This patent-pending biodegradable remediation system can be used to clean water and soil through the delivery of a chemical oxidant via a solid.  The delivery agent can release the oxidizing agents over a period of one to three months to a contaminated area at a controlled, pre-defined release rate.

Logistics and Transportation Systems

System for Scheduling Multiple Time-Dependent Events

  • This technology comprises an efficient and economical algorithm for scheduling multiple events while optimizing user-defined measurement of the schedule quality, including time or cost.  This system can be useful in any field where logistics is critical.

Public Health

Composition and Method for Inhibition of Harmful Bacteria

  • This patented technology is an innovative method to control the growth of food-borne pathogens in meat products and other foods, in particular the reduction of E. coli in ground beef.