2014 Research Excellence Awards: Eligibility and guidelines

Click here for the 2014 nomination forms and complete details in printable form.

Criteria for each award

Up to five University Research Excellence Awards may be given each year.  In the event of a tie in any category, recipients will split the monetary award.

Outstanding University Senior Researcher Award

Nominees must be tenured faculty members currently conducting research and/or creative productivity. They must have been at North Carolina A&T State University for a minimum of three academic years before nomination. As with the other awards, the judges focus only on work conducted at A&T. The stipulations are: (1) Nominees must have received their college or school Outstanding College/School Senior Researcher Award for this academic year; (2) Nominees are currently involved in research and/or creative work; and (3) Previous recipients of the award within the past 10 years (Academic Year 2003-04 and later) are ineligible.  Faculty members who serve as deans or in other administrative positions at the school/college or university level are not eligible (department heads are eligible).

Outstanding University Junior Researcher Award (Outstanding Young Investigator) 

Nominees must be non-tenured, tenure-track faculty members at North Carolina A&T State University.  Guidelines: (1) Nominees must have received their college or school’s Outstanding School/College Junior Researcher Award for this academic year; (2) Nominees are currently involved in research and must show promise of making a significant contribution to their field; (3) Nominees must be in at least their third year of service at North Carolina A&T, unless they came to A&T as associate professors, in which case they must be in at least their second year; and (4) Previous recipients of the award are ineligible.

Rookie of the Year

Nominees must be in their second year of appointment as tenure-track Assistant Professors at North Carolina A&T State University. They must demonstrate outstanding capability and exceptional promise for significant future achievement and potential value to the University.  Nominees must have received their college or school’s nomination as Rookie of the Year for this academic year.

Interdisciplinary Team Award

This award recognizes research projects that break down the traditional boundaries of academic disciplines.  Nominated teams must include at least two tenured or tenure-track researchers from different academic departments.  Researchers from at least two departments each must contribute at least 20% of the project’s work.  The project must have been active during calendar year 2013, and it must have received external funding (commitment from funder must have been received by the Division of Research and Economic Development by December 31, 2013). If the team involves another university, at least one tenured or tenure-track researcher from N.C. A&T must be included.   Evaluation of nominees will be conducted under the appropriate guidelines and criteria listed below, recognizing that not all of the criteria for individual awards are applicable to the work of teams.  In addition, the committee may take into account the extent of the interdisciplinary nature of the team (representation from more than a single school/college, for example).  Nominees must have received their college or school’s nomination for the Interdisciplinary Team Award for this academic year (a team may be nominated by more than one school/college).

Intellectual Property Award

This award recognizes researchers’ work to disseminate, commercialize or publish intellectual property created in the course of their research or creative activity during calendar year 2013.  Nominees must be tenured or tenure-track researchers at N.C. A&T. Consideration will be given to: invention disclosures filed in calendar year 2013, patents or copyrights granted during the year, technology licenses signed, or other intellectual-property-related accomplishments that occurred during calendar year 2013.  Copyrights will be considered only in the case of books and other major works (i.e., the committee will not consider journal articles, book chapters, conference presentations, etc.).  Criteria include number of invention disclosures and submitted and/or patents or copyrights received, and entrepreneurial activity based on inventive ideas.  Such activity can include such things as forming a start-up company, partnering with small businesses to promote new technologies where the researcher is considered an expert, teaming with others to form or enhance a start-up, and obtaining grant funding directly related to developing commercial applications of the researcher’s invention or related technology.  Evaluation of nominees also can include appropriate guidelines and criteria listed below, recognizing that not all of the criteria for individuals’ research projects are necessarily applicable to intellectual property.  Nominees must have received their college or school’s nomination for the Intellectual Property Award for this academic year.  Faculty members who serve as deans or in other administrative positions at the school/college or university level are not eligible (department heads are eligible).

Evaluation Guidelines and Criteria for Research & Creative Productivity

The evaluation of research and creative productivity requires consideration of a variety of factors and must consider the quality and significance of each contribution; for the Senior Researcher of the Year, sustained research and creative productivity is considered as well.

Judges will consider work conducted only while the nominee has been a faculty member at N.C. A&T.

Factors used to evaluate meritorious research and creative productivity include but are not limited to:

    1. Authorship or co-authorship of peer-reviewed published materials such as journal articles, articles in conference proceedings, monographs, books, book chapters, artistic works, software development, or other professional and technical documents (full texts of documents are not necessary);
    2. Authorship or co-authorship of published materials such as editorially reviewed articles, articles in conference proceedings, translations, software development, cases, artistic works, or other professional and technical documents (full texts of documents are not necessary);
    3. Citations received for publications;
    4. Competitive external or internal grants/contracts related to research and creative productivity;
    5. Fiscal and administrative responsibilities, including timely hiring of research assistants and the submission of notices of intent, grant applications, and grant and contract reports on time;
    6. Outstanding contribution to the enhancement of the University’s research or creative capabilities (facilities and resources, research niche, marketability, relevance, recognition);
    7. Outstanding research or creative performance as evidenced by partnerships established internally and externally and by the formation of interdisciplinary teams;
    8. Securing intellectual property disclosures and patents/copyrights as results of conducting research and/or creative activities;
    9. Production and presentation of radio and television works, films, videos, exhibits, performances, or other works related to the scholarly or creative activities;
    10. Refereeing, editing, and/or reviewing journal articles, grant proposals, and book manuscripts;
    11. Serving the professional community through such work as organizing conferences, symposia, workshops, and/or performances at the local, regional, national and international level;
    12. Managing or serving as a consultant for exhibitions and performances; and
    13. Other documented research or creative activities such as service to professional societies and receiving external recognition.
  • Note: Applicants’ documents of the individual evidence of research and productivity performance must be listed in the above order.

Research Awards Committee

The Research Awards Committee that will evaluate and select winners is appointed by the Chancellor.  This year’s membership will be announced during the nomination period.

Procedures for Submission of Nominations

    1. The same application format is provided to each College/School Dean for distribution to potential applicants in the College/School so all college/school winners can submit their application packages without additional effort. 
    2. Each package should use a binder no larger than two inches
    3. The dean of each school/college will submit to DORED the completed application packages of the winners at the School/College level by Monday March 3.
    4. The final evaluation of applications will be made by the Research Awards Committee, members of which are selected by the Chancellor.  During deliberations, the Committee may request supporting materials from nominees and/or may ask deans for additional information.
    5. The Research Awards Committee may recommend to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development one recipient (or, in the event of a tie, two) in each award category from the list of School/College award winners and nominees.  They also may decline to recommend a winner for any award.

Complete application checklist

    1. Appropriate cover sheet.
    2. A statement from the nominee giving an overview of his/her/their engagement in research and/or creative achievement and the work’s relationship to North Carolina A&T’s research vision. The statement should address: (a) quality of the work, (b) the scope of influence of the nominee’s work nationally and internationally, and (c) contribution to of the work to the advancement of the discipline.  The statement is limited to two single-spaced typed pages using at least 10-point type.
    3. Supporting materials for the evidence of research and creative productivity should be listed by the 13 factors in the Guidelines and Criteria.
    4. A full career vita. Complete citations must be given for all published works.
    5. At least one, but no more than three, external letters of support should be included in the materials submitted for consideration. External letters of support provide reviewers with helpful insights about the contribution of the research accomplishments to the discipline and society.
  • Note:  Please be aware that reviewers are colleagues with expertise in diverse scholarly fields. It is important to address each nominee's achievements with information clarifying how the work qualifies as outstanding in the particular discipline represented. (For example, scholarly activity in fine arts may be judged in different terms from scholarship in the sciences.)


Each recipient will be given a monetary award and a plaque.

  • Senior Researcher of the Year, $4,000
  • Outstanding Junior Researcher, $2,000
  • Rookie of the Year Award, $1,000
  • Interdisciplinary Team Award, $5,000 (to be divided among the members as the team or PI/team leader feels is appropriate; if the team includes researchers from other institutions, including them in the award is at the discretion of the team or the PI/team leader)
  • Intellectual Property Award, $2,500 (if more than one researcher is involved, the winners will split this amount)

Each recipient will be recognized at the Research Awards Dinner, Friday April 11.